Spanish Goat Gathering 2021 Interest and prices continue to grow at live auction

By Donna Askew

The 2021 Spanish Goat Gathering was another marked success for the Spanish goat breed. With 250 plus attendees, 160 offer- ings, and 57 registered bidders, our average goat price was $903, which is $100 higher than our 2020 average (minus the 1 billy and 1 nanny lot extreme outliers); which is impressive when you consider we added 45 additional goats to the roster.

Not only does this encourage us to continue with our live auctions, but it also speaks for the continued interest in the Spanish goat breed. The 2022 Spanish Goat Gathering is scheduled for September 9-10, at Lane Agri-Park in Murfreesboro, Tenn. This year’s highest selling billy was a

Carl Whitworth-bred Kensing herdsire that went to Cody and Taylor Riggins of Grindstone Goat Co. in Dickens, Tenn., for $1,500. This year’s highest selling doe lot was five Alan Motta-bred Weinheimers that went to Robert Zamorano of Harlingen, Texas for $2,600. Words cannot express how thankful our breeders are for Dr. Zamorano’s Bootcamp and our Saturday morning lineup of speakers — Dr. Richard Browning, Dr. Robert Stenger, Marty Overholt and Anita Dahnke. Making sure that folks have the information they need for the success of their endeavors is essential for the growth of the breed. The willingness of these professionals to come to the Gathering and share their experience, strength and knowledge with us is a true blessing for the breeders. Additionally, we wish to acknowledge the army of volunteers that came together and supported the success of the Gathering. It takes a village to bring an event of this

Bidding was brisk as the sale took off on Saturday. One-hundred and sixty head were sold.

stature together and we wish to acknowledge everyone — from the producers, volunteers, speakers and most importantly the buyers — thank you, thank you, thank you. We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

The first Spanish Goat Gathering was

held in 2018. At that time folks thought the idea of creating an event for the purpose of bringing breeders together and offering Spanish goat seedstock was pointless. As we look back over the last four years, we must acknowledge our gratitude for those breeders that drove up from Texas and helped carry the financial burden for an event they thought would be a dud.

Bids were accepted online (left) and in person as auctioneer Tim Yoder kept the excitement going.

Robert Zamorano, DVM, conducted a Spanish Breeders Boot Camp. 8 Goat Rancher | November 2021

Organizer Donna Askew (second from right) and a few of her volunteers.

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