NKR recognizes buck performance test winners

The National Kiko Registry sponsored the annual Corn Country Meat Goat Conference Oct. 1-2 at the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon, Ind. The two-day event featured speakers, demonstra- tions, a meat goat lunch and plenty of fellowship. Speakers for the conference included Kylie Sherrill, Dr. Chris

Rumsey, Dr. Fred Brown and Dr. Scott Bowdridge. Dr. An Peischel was there in spirit with her pre-recorded presentations. The NKR also took the opportunity to recognize the winners in

this year’s West Virginia University and Eastern Oklahoma State Col- lege buck performance tests. Kiko producers — and especially NKR breeders — dominated the standings. Producers received metal signs recognizing their achievements.

West Virginia results: Top consignor — Jarred Dennison Top Bucks

#1 Corey Cummins #2 Cazdin Weber #3 Jared Dennison #4 John Barnhart #5 Bobby & Joe Murphy #6 Jared Dennison #7 Patt Larr #8 Mike Renick #9 Patt Larr #10 Mike Renick

Oklahoma Results: Top Consignor — Casey Smith ADG Champion — Curtis Braziel ADG Reserve Champion — Patt Larr Fecal Egg Count Champion — John Weber Fecal Egg Count Reserve Champion — Joseph Knetter

Oklahoma buck performance test winners. West Virginia University buck performance test winners.

Kylie Sherrill’s presentation was on Intergrated Pest management.

On September 24, the results of this year’s Oklahoma Forage-Based Meat Goat Buck Test (sponsored by Eastern Oklahoma State College and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service) were announced by Brian Frecking. This year there were 54 meat goats participating in the 10-week trial. The Grand Champion Top Herdsman Award, for having two bucks with the overall highest average daily gain and the lowest fecal egg count, was awarded to Casey Smith of Spring Creek Kikos in Seminary, Miss.

Smith’s entries were littermates

sired by LFK K008 SKD Shooter out of LFK H815 38 Goat Rancher | November 2021

Owners of the National Kiko Registry, from left, Mac Wilkie, Dr. Fred Brown, Dana and Kendell Barnes, Terry Hankins, Karen Brown, Lorie and Mike Re- nick, and Christian and Kara McGill.

Mississippi breeder takes top honors in Okla. buck test Outlaw’s Buttercup.

The Reserve Champion Top Herdsman Award was presented to Jarred Dennison of 3D Ranch in Waddy, Ky.

Every two weeks during the test the bucks were weighed and fecal samples taken; if the egg count ex- ceeded 2000, the buck was disqualified. All bucks were run together and were rotated between pastures as a group.

Owners of the buck entrants enjoyed a presenta- tion and luncheon on the campus of Eastern Oklahoma State College before the bucks were taken home. n

Casey Smith, Spring Creek Kikos.

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