forage is low in protein, more protein must be supplemented through the grain. If more energy is needed, the grain supplement should be high in energy.

Supplements must be selected after testing is done and body condition scoring has been completed.

Using the forage test results to select a supplement gives producers the greatest abil- ity to minimize their grain supplement costs by purchasing only the parts they need and cutting the parts they do not.

Forage analysis is considerably more complex than just looking at protein and energy but for the sake of explanation using an overly simplified example, imagine a for- age that tests very low at only 5% protein but tests high in NFC (Non fiber carbohydrates). If a producer needs to purchase a grain supplement to balance this forage they would need to invest in a high protein grain supple- ment, with the knowledge that the grain would not need to be high in carbohydrates. By selecting the right grain to balance the forage fed, this producer will be able to feed less of the necessary and expensive grain supplement to accomplish the supplementa- tion necessary and therefore reduce their overall inputs.

If this producer did not consider the for- age values or weaknesses and simply bought the same supplement they had for the last 10 years, they may find themselves not only feeding more grain supplement to gain the same results hurting their bottom lines, but also have the potential to decrease overall feed efficiency in their herd and growing stock in the process.

Please remember nutrition is measured in pounds of intake not percentages but per- centages can be used as a way of identifying intake requirements.

Currently every producer is in the same boat looking at high input costs and a winter fast approaching.

Each should take the time to evaluate the soundness of their nutrition programs to offset some of these high prices. Winter can test the limits of a nutrition program in a nor- mal year. Take the time to re-evaluate your program and maintain the productive poten- tial of your herds through the remainder of the winter.

(Gregory Meiss raises Boer goats and is head nutritionist for his family’s company, Meiss Feed and Supply, Sibley, Ill. He can be contacted at 217-379-7985, through Face- book: Meiss Boer Goats or by e-mail at

November 2021 | Goat Rancher 7

Supplements can help alleviate stress and Vita Charge®

Fall is a busy time on the farm. Re- gardless of if you are lambing or kidding, weaning your summer-borns or preparing to market your animals, it is imperative to keep them feeling and looking their very best. The extra stress involved at various production stages along with temperature swings brought on by the fall, all make staying healthy a little extra challenging. That is why good nutrition plays such an important role. Good nutrition plays into an animal’s health because 70% of the immune response is found in the gut – the very place where di- gestion and absorption of nutrients takes place. At BioZyme®

, we’ve taken careful

consideration in researching gut health when producing livestock supplements with the Amaferm®

advantage. Amaferm is a pre-

cision prebiotic designed to support digest- ibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to combat stress by increasing intake and nu- trient utilization. Amaferm is found in every

improve immunity in late-born lambs & kids By Shelia Grobosky BioZyme Inc

product, specifically produced

to help animals during times of stress and re- covery, perfect for those diverse times of the production cycle or during temperature fluc- tuations.

When fall babies hit the ground, you want them to get off to the best start possible. If you do have a sick lamb or kid that needs treated early on, give it a dose of Vita Charge®

Gel, to help get its rumen going and help it recover during this hopefully tempo- rary time of stress.

If you do have a lamb or kid that be- comes an orphan and you end up with a bot- tle baby, try the Vita Charge®

Neonatal. This

liquid supplement is specially formulated for baby livestock of all species and supports di- gestive health and promotes feed and water intake during those early days.It can be mixed in drenches, milk or milk replacer. For those weaning young animals in commercial herds or flocks, the Vita Charge®

Liquid Boost is an ideal product to add to the water to help promote feed and water intake at this most stressful time. Learn more at n

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