There’s a lot going on at the Savanna registry By Rob Phelps It has been almost a year since Lori and I decided to jump into

the American Savanna Registry to help people register and track their amazing American Savanna goats. Since then, a lot has happened… take a look!

Not only did we support our daughter Addison’s budding horse-eventing career, welcomed our son Kaius to the world, but we also built a house during the lumber madness of 2020-2021 and were able to get moved in right be- fore his birth. It is a nice pole barn house/home office…fitting for our little 30-acre farm filled with our fullblood and purebred Savannas, Kikos and — most recently — American Red seedstock. Our hopes are, in concert with several other breeders, to create the American Red that will eventually be the newest Ameri- can-bred, field hardy meat goat for both the commercial breeder as well as enthusiast breeders alike. We love our meat goats here

long nights on the new website Well folks, it is finally ready to roll out!

The American Meat Goat Registry

(AMGR) is now home to the ASR. To ASR members, you should have been contacted by us al- ready by e-mail or phone. If not, please go to and you can use the contact form or just give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer any ques- tions you have or help you navi- gate your new Member Dashboard. To others thinking about reg- istering your goats, come check us out! Our goal with this new web- site is to give our members more tools to manage their herds. This includes registering, transferring and ordering DNA with online forms and a payment system that takes credit cards and PayPal if you choose.

Rob, Lori and Kaius Phelps

at Phelps Farms and feel that having first-hand knowledge in the in- dustry lets us better serve our community with passion and ever- growing expertise.

As many of you may or may not know, I am a web developer by trade. Some of you also heard about our plans at the ASR to up- grade the website. Well, as if we didn’t have enough going on, be- tween fencing new paddocks, cutting and putting up hay for the winter, managing our herd and 100 other tasks, I have been working


• Register any species of meat goat & pay online with PayPal or credit card.

• Create, register and track your own composite meat goat breed. • Easily transfer ownership after a sale.

• Get DNA and own the certificate. • Member management dashboard. • View statistics on all goats reg- istered with AMGR.

• Instant access to herd pedigrees and important data from anywhere. • Growing library of video and self help resources.

• Feature your farm on our site. • Discounted access to the American Meat Goat Alliance.

24 Goat Rancher | November 2021

Of course, all the PDF forms are still available to download and mail to us if preferred. The site also features better search tools for breeders and even pedigrees of all registered goats on the site.

Finally, we are still working on integrating herd management software into the new site and expect that to be rolled out next year. We truly just want to thank all American Savanna breeders for

their tireless efforts in working to create the best goats possible with so many desirable and marketable qualities. Keep up the good work! We also want to thank each of you for allowing us here at the ASR/AMGR the opportunity to track your animals and be a contact to help in any way we can. n

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