Cream of the Crop lives up to its name The 14th annual Cream of the Crop Kiko sale was held October 2 at the

Harrison County Fairgrounds in Corydon, Okla. This is the longest running Kiko sale in America and certainly lived up to its name this year. The sale was managed by Kendell and Dana Barnes and Christian and Kara McGill. We would like to thank everyone who attended COC 2021, they said. “This sale was a great success. We would like to thank Pit Kemmer and Brent Ballinger for your frontline MC and auction expertise. We also want to thank the consignors that stepped up and showed out. Helping run the back, keeping the goats back and forth to the ring. Thank you to the ones that helped serve food and got that many people fed that fast. A catered meal of goat meatloaf with sides was served. Also, a huge thank you to all those that helped with clean up, load out and taking down all the equipment. Trust me all your help was noticed and truly appreciated. We couldn’t do this sale without consignors like you.”

The top-selling doe was consigned by Brian Graves of Rocky Hill

Kikos. The doe, RDH Way’s Spotted Lady, sold confirmed bred to CGI Spit- fire for $5,500. She was purchased by Charles and Sherri Reese of Dean Hill Kikos, the original owners of the doe. “RDH Way’s Spotted Lady was born at Dean Hill Kikos and we de- cided to return her to Dean Hill where she will be in production for Kikos United LLC in partnership with James and April Wilson,” said Charles Reese. The top-selling buck was consigned by Patt Larr of Hoosier Hill Kikos.

The buck, WEB Hammer/Ginger 867 sold for $4,500. He was purchased by cross country partners Joe and Jaime Marks of Southwest Creek Farm in Richlands, N.C., and Curtis and Lisa Braziel of Split Hoof Ranch in Purcell, Okla.

“Joe and I are excited to announce that we were able to partner with Split Hoof Ranch and bring WEB Hammer/Ginger 867 to our farms.,” said Jaime. “We think he is going to add a lot to our farms. It is a pleasure to work with great people like Curtis and Lisa Braziel!” Total sales were $188,725. n

The high-selling doe sold for $5,500.

The top-selling buck brought $4,500. Top-seller brings $4,100 at Oklahoma Hills

The Oklahoma Hills Invitational Kiko Sale was held September 18, in Okmulgee, Okla. The weather was hot and so was the bidding, making the sale a huge success. Twenty-seven breeders consigned more than 70 registered purebred and New Zealand does and 19 semen lots to the sale.

On Saturday morning there was good attendance at the educational seminars that were presented by Ms. Karen Kopf of Kopf Canyon Ranch. The sale started at one o’clock Saturday afternoon. Heavy bidding saw 76 does and 19 semen lots sell with there being no pass outs. The lots brought a total of $105,075 for an overall average of $1,118 per lot. The highlight of the sale was when one doeling was sold by Kent Perkins to a little girl for the price of a hug.

The high-selling doe was Lot 44, SSK Kayla, consigned by Wayne and Lisa Simms of S&S Kikos in Beggs, Okla. Kayla was purchased for $4,100 by Brett and Donna Knight of Tennessee Kiko Farm in Cooke- ville, Tenn.

Here are the sale averages by category: • 52 NZ does sold for a $1,475 average. • 23 PB does sold for a $905 average. • 19 semen lots sold for a $399 average

It is a great time to be in the Kiko business and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2022 sale next September. n

The high-selling doe was consigned by S&S Kikos and purchased by Donna and Brett Knight of Tennessee.

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