Gulf South Kikos. Percent- age, purebred and 100% New Zealand Kikos. Darryl Byrd, Richton, MS. 228-282-4111; ———————————————————

Noni-Pops Goat Farm. Purebred Myotonic goats. Listed in the Myotonic Goat Registry. We have moon- spotted & blue-eyed goats available. Barry Thompson, 662-304-0026. bgthomp- Hamilton, Miss.


Essary's Green Acres Boer Goats. Want spots? Like color? So do we! BIG, gentle, healthy, colorful Boers. Fullbloods & per-

centages. Near Springfield, Mo. Call or text Judy & Layman at 417-543-0741 or jdomeny@hot- Visit: and Facebook friend us at Essary Boer Goats.

Sandy Creek Farm. Located in central North Carolina. Breeder of 100% New Zealand goats and Great Pyrenees dogs-proven guardians. Herdsires include SDR Poseidon Sesame Bear, ACK Sledgehammer, WMC Hobo’s Rock- etman. Emphasizes strong maternals, har- diness. Roger & Linda York. Ramseur, N.C. Ph. 336-824-4333, Cell 336-953-1366. E-mail lin-

OHIO ———————————————————

Horsefly Valley Farm. 100% NZ, purebred and percentage Kikos. Breeding stock avail- able. Steven & Roseann Yutzy, West Union, Ohio. 937-544-7838.


Located in Northeast MS. 100% New Zealand and Purebred Kikos. Visitors are welcome. Contact us at 662-257-5090 (call or text). E- mail: Van Pearson, Amory, MS 38821.


Tapp Kikos. Registered and commercial Kiko goats. University Perform- ance Test winning ge- netics. Selected on parasite resistance, good

maternals and longevity under minimum input, forage-based conditions. Olive Branch, MS. 901-245-9099; ———————————————————

The Mustard Seed Farm. 100% New Zealand, pure- bred and percentage Kiko goats. Giving you quality breeding stock yearround. Like us on Facebook @the- mustardseedfarm. Contact Gracie Walley, 601-543-2468. Richton, Miss.

MISSOURI ———————————————————

We raise & sell registered breed- ing stock. 100% NZ Kiko goats and American Aberdeen cattle. Don Brown & Shari Schroeder.

Richmond, Mo.; 816-419-3514; or


Star Cross Stable Boers & Kikos. Top-quality breeding for hardiness & parasite resistance. ABGA & AKGA registered FBs & percentages. En- nobled genetics for breeding, show- ing & commercial use. Herd tested negative for CL, CAE, Johnes. Freehold, N.J. 732-919-3827,,


Roll-n-Hills Ranch. Serving the Northeast with premier purebred

Kiko breeding stock & wethers. See our healthy, hardy and colorful quality livestock at www. Ken Hooper ph/text 607-760-5660 or


Fullblood Boers. Show & breeding stock. Offering kids out of the genetics of Jester AABG Steam Roller, the 2010 ABGA National Reserve GC Buck. Quality is Our Priority. Freman & Connie Elam, Lebanon, MO. 417-532-6056, www.BearCreek-, ———————————————————

Commercial meat production on grass. Pure Spanish, Ken- sing & Syfan bloodlines. Mountain View, MO. Carl Cluck 417-247-8730. RH

Whitten 417-247-8299. Coldar Cluck 417-247- 2363. www.cluck-

Brushy Creek Kiko Farm. Located near Shelby, N.C. NKR-registered NZ and PB available. Ex- cellent bloodlines that hit the ground running. Jer- emy Hamby 704-915-8188. Phillip Hamby 704-538-1868. Also find us on Facebook.


SGR Certified Spanish Breeder. Roger McSwain. 704-300-8172. DNA Reg-

istered Koy & PSG bloodlines raised in Cherry- ville, N.C. ———————————————————

Lucky 7 Farms raises high quality dapples, reds, paints for show and breeding stock. We have produced multi- ple Overall Champions including LK7 Devil Spots, LK7 Lucky Dog, LK7 Smokin’ Hot Spots, LK7 Starbucks and many

more with always striving to better our herd. Wapakoneta, Ohio. Like us on Facebook, In- stagram page and website www.lucky7boer-


Riverside Goat Producers. Highly productive Savanna breeding stock. Bred for parasite resistance, strong maternals,

top-grade meat production & overall hardiness. Fullbloods, Purebreds & percentages from Kikos. NWOhio. Contact Mitch 419-303- 7285;


The Ohio Meat Goat Company DNA-Registered Spanish Goats and Gold Certified Spanish Breeder. Weinheimer, Bode & Kensing Spanish Bloodlines. South- eastern Adapted Genetics. Steve & Janet Bush. Newcomers Town, OH. 740-227-3016.


4 Corners Ranch. Raising 100% top-of-the-line TexMaster meat goats. We have breeding stock available and offer percentage stock. Tex- Masters are parasite resistant, hardy meat pro- ducers. You will not be disappointed with the TexMaster goats. Paden, Okla. Call Jim Eastep at 405-326-9760 or text Brett Allen at 405-765- 4595.


Bear Creek Farms. High qual- ity 100% NZ & PB Kikos. We strive to produce hardy, para- site resistant and fast growing goats with excellent maternals. Darryl & Cheryl Glover, 405-409-5405, dar-,

November 2021 | Goat Rancher


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