played a “tell all” about the painting from the “painters.”

Customer service – Avoid social media slandering by giving buyers a direct way to reach you. Add the telephone numbers of your customer service department to the QR code so consumers can scan and call to get issues resolved immediately. These support QR codes can be printed on packaging, brochures, or even shipping boxes.

Dynamic QR codes – Dynamic QR code solutions provide you the ability to change the destination address to which the QR code redirects to. A boutique chocolate shop in Manhattan added a dynamic QR code to a single direct mail piece, asking recipients to scan it every day for one week to receive a unique offer each day. The number of daily scans was higher than any previous direct mail campaign they had implemented.

Other Great QR Code Uses We’ve Seen • Give people an easy and quick way to leave a review.

• Incorporate location coordinates using Google Maps or Waze.

• Connect to a provided free Wi-Fi service. • Promote upcoming events—link a QR code to prerecorded messages from presenters, entertainers, or your keynote speaker.

• Give fans an “inside look” at a new product launch or promotion.

• Link to exclusive enrollment or registration offers.

Four Things to Keep in Mind 1. Ideally, your printed QR code should be no smaller than 1.2" (3 cm) square.

2. Landing pages connected to a QR code should be optimized for mobile.

3. Add a compelling and informative CTA. Let the user know what they get in return for scanning the QR code.

4. Create a colorful, branded, or custom QR code. 

A Creative Artistic Challenge

Meet Jesse Thomas, founder of JESS3 Labs. Experts in data visualization, his team realized that with the ever-growing spread of smartphones, QR codes have gained in popularity. Thinking there might be more visual possibilities in the world of QR codes beyond simple black squares, they decided to explore a range of creative designs with different colors,

shapes, effects and mediums, being careful to not jeopardize the functionality of the codes.

Thanks to Jesse for designing a special QR code for our giveaway for this issue of Inspired Momentum. Scan and register!

Summer 2020


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