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“The value of organic search is often 7–10 times what you would have to pay to see the same results with pay- per-click advertising.”

show an ad on Google when it could be ranking for that same search term without paying for it. “The value of organic search is often 7–10 times what you would have to pay to see the same results with pay-per-click advertising.” Brenner’s favorite way to measure ROI is

with newsletter subscribers, a proven strategy demonstrating that by publishing quality content, more people will subscribe to your newsletters. “You can very easily nurture these subscribers to leads and ultimately to sales,” he adds. “At SAP, we generated half a million dollars in sales revenue in the first year, just from our email database.” There are estimates that B2B marketers spend up to $50 billion per year on wasted content. “The reason content is created and not used is very simple: someone asked for it, but it did not align to a real customer need,” he says. “My advice to businesses is to stop creating content that no one wants and start creating content only when it aligns to a real customer need. Keyword and content insights can provide all the direction you need.” “I wrote my recent book, Mean People Suck,

to help leaders at any level and in any function to feel empowered to take control of their careers,” Brenner says, “to use their expertise and intelligence and creativity to make an impact. The one thing that ties together The Content Formula and Mean People Suck is that they both focus on the power of empathy. Empathy for customers (not promotion) is what makes content marketing effective.” 

BLOGGING 101: A Missed Opportunity

An entire section of Michael Brenner’s website is dedicated to the power of blog writing, including how it can generate leads and how often to post. We asked him for a few tidbits of advice for those of you interested in building your own blog. Here’s what he said:

1. Consistency is

the results and ROI from your blogging efforts.

We have found that when a company starts publishing two to four blog articles per week, they can start to see massive increases in the traffic and leads they get from their website.

what provides 2. Answer a

question and focus on a keyword that customers are using.

Quality blogs should provide a valuable answer to that

question. Use bullets, images, and video examples where possible, then share that content out to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and your email list on a regular basis.

customer 3. Guest blogging

can be a valuable exercise if you have the opportunity.

First, it helps you reach an audience you don’t have, and there is value in that. Second, it allows you to ideally build some links back to your own content. Your real goal should be to have some of those readers from the other blog come and check out your site.

on other sites 4. Don’t waste

submitting guest blog posts to aggregator sites.

I submit to some, but I don’t see much come back from it, so I don’t spend too much time on that.

your time

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