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oordinated content is king! In this issue, we show you how print, digital, and social content can help you and

your brand engage more customers when coordinated in one common effort. Design thinking is something of a buzzword

right now, but what exactly is it, and how can marketers better succeed by adopting a design-thinking mindset? We explain it all to you, showing you how the process works and why you should adopt it as well as sharing how three brands used design thinking to conceptualize and execute successful marketing campaigns. Mari Smith, CEO of Mari Smith International, Inc., and a premier Facebook- marketing expert, gives insight and guidance to help social media marketers navigate impending changes to Facebook in 2020. These include marketing through Messenger and private groups and Stories while using both short- and long-form video content to foster engagement. Our cover story focuses on

content marketing. Michael Brenner, keynote speaker, co- author of The Content Formula, and author of Mean People Suck, teaches you how to build the case for content marketing to executives. He also covers how to create a budget that lets you develop the resources you need to succeed and how to

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demonstrate the ROI of content marketing. You’ve probably heard of REI, the outdoor

retailer, but you may not have encountered Uncommon Path, a print magazine REI recently launched to replace its catalog. Full of useful content such as environmental reporting, seasonal travel highlights, and outdoor-trend stories, this publication has already become the largest outdoor magazine in the country, and readers quickly warmed up to the new approach it brings to introducing its products through lifestyle experiences. Original Grain, producer of unique watches

made from reclaimed materials, is featured in our Brands We Love column. We admire the way their brand’s voice and content so closely matches their products, with each watch being completely unique and telling its own story based on the materials used to produce it. Finally, we show you how QR codes have not only evolved but also allowed marketers to greatly enhance customer engagement by creating omnichannel campaigns that move people seamlessly from off- to online experiences. Speaking of QR codes, we’ll give

Cassandra Atchison Director of Marketing

you a QR code moment of your own by asking you to scan the QR codes throughout our publication to register for our giveaways. You could win a copy of Michael Brenner’s book or your very own Original Grain watch!



Read insights from the following contributors in this issue:


Michael Brenner

The keynote speaker and author teaches us how to build a case for content marketing and show ROI. (Pages 6-9)

Jesse Thomas

The founder of JESS3 Labs shows off modern-day QR code design. (Page 3)

Trish Witkowski The owner and

60-Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week author offers two unusual direct mail formats to consider. (Page 5)

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01 Welcome Letter from the Director of Marketing, plus

a selection of the key contributors writing in this issue.

02 Insights Ideas, opinions, news, and trends.

06 Cover Story Michael Brenner helps us build a case for

content marketing and track its ROI.

10 Brands We Love A review of Original Grain, a watch company using

repurposed materials for exquisitely designed watches.

12 Design Thinking Applying design-thinking techniques to marketing strategies and campaigns.

16 Spotlight REI has stepped up their content game by replacing

their traditional catalog with a new content-rich magazine. Readers give it two thumbs-up!

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