Summer 2020


interesting life stories—from photographers to musicians to fashion designers. They are all shown wearing and, at some points, commenting on Original Grain watches, but the content is done in a premium manner with quality photography and without much shameless product shilling. The designer, for example, dishes on his philosophy of making clothes, while the musician discusses lessons she’d like to share with her daughter. It’s obvious that a specific brand tone of

voice and visual identity have been carefully crafted and made to align well with specific products. They are so particular about the actual voice talent used for their videos that they will engage a voice-over service to help them find their perfect voice talent. Recently they sought out a male voice that would resonate with the male, 25-to-34- year-old demographic for a specific timepiece collection. Forty voice auditions later, they found the exact right one! The theme of “originality and authenticity”

is omnipresent. The website features images of the Original Grain office where employees go to work each day, allowing shoppers to get

a very real feel for the company and culture by taking a look inside. From the beginning, the Beltran brothers

have stressed that their company would be one that gives back to the community while also being environmentally conscious. Using reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials in their watches is one way they’ve kept this promise. They also use reusable packaging. Since not every watch design uses reclaimed materials, the company has been planting a tree for every watch they have sold since 2015. Through a partnership with One Tree Planted—a Vermont-based nonprofit that works with reforestation partners around the world to plant trees globally—Original Grain has planted more than 500,000 trees in the

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last six years. While they are responsible for planting trees on continents around the globe, they admit that their focus is on supporting reforestation efforts in an area somewhat close to their childhood home: Yosemite Valley. When asked about their collaboration with MLB teams such as the Yankees and Cubs to produce limited-edition collections, Andrew Beltran says, “We don’t always see an immediate direct return, but we know the brand equity has grown so much from this partnership.” And by geotargeting commercials during the games, their internal analytics team sees tremendous spikes in website visits. Over the years, their content strategy for social has become more consistent across multiple platforms and changed from day-of production to three months ahead. While beauty shots are still important (and shot in-house), we noticed a trend of delving into showing how the products are made. We’d love for you to have one of these beauties on your wrist! Register for our quarterly giveaway and you may be that lucky girl or guy who gets a call from us saying we’re on our way with your new Original Grain watch! 

with your new

an Original Grain women’s Avalon or men’s Whiskey Barrel


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