{ from the editor } by Douglas Wyckoff, DDS • Editor

Finding the Bright Side Y

ou do not have to go far to be surrounded by negativity these days. It doesn’t matter if you pick up a paper, watch the news, cruise social media or just talk to people in gen- eral—all are opportunities to be flooded with a ton of negative information that makes your stomach churn. There are so many hot topics right now in our world that you begin to wonder if any of this will ever end. Will we ever again see what we thought was normal?

It is extremely easy to get pulled into the mainstream media and world events when it comes to negativity. I want us to change our focus and be more optimistic. Let us move outside the proverbial “box” and think of some positive outcomes that are happening around us instead of the negative ones. I will list a few for you to think about.


In March when we began our shutdowns, for many we thought it was the end of the world. What I witnessed around me was that families were brought back together that had not spent time with one another for years. I experienced renewed friendships from years past of school acquaintances and the ability to help each other through tough times. Families were once again sitting down and having meals together and talking face to face. Many were doing projects together and helping one another get things done that they had not taken the time to do in the past. Relationships between families and friends have grown stronger in this difficult time.


I state this not in the sense that our popula- tion is “dirty” so to speak, but that with the state of health and recommendations that have been proposed, people have renewed their energy in making sure to keep their surroundings clean. Most everyone has taken the time to make sure to sanitize their hands,

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keep surfaces clean, keep from cross con- taminating their environment, and an overall feeling of keeping everything clean can be seen everywhere.


Many are taking more time to go hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, biking and explore nature in all its glory. Related gear and necessities to do these activities are in high demand because so many people are headed out to explore the fresh air and experiences that come with being one with nature.


With regulations and recommendations to social distance and avoid large gatherings, businesses and organizations have had to be creative with how they meet and operate. Many have found the positives of being able to be just as productive working from home as they were prior to March. Many are sav- ing money on fuel expenses and other costs related to being “at” work. Organizations are finding that they can hold meetings virtually and take care of the business that needs ad- dressed. Watching those who are so creative in making these work in a positive manner has been amazing. You do not have to go far to see an example of this when you see how creative our MDA Team has been in making sure that the Association continues to be the best it can be.


After a two-year hiatus from the local school board, I have found myself back on. The way that education is presented to our younger generation has had to be re-structured. Even though sometimes it presents some tough decisions, we can continue providing a qual- ity education. This translates into our colleg- es, universities and even continuing educa- tion for us. Many have been able to have the time to sit down and garner their learning by watching webinars and many other continu- ing education presentations that would have been hard to attend in person. It has put the ability to learn at the fingertips of everyone.

I know you could probably add your own items to this list that I missed. I also know that it is easy to turn and foster a negative at- titude toward issues we face. No matter what the situation is and how bleak it appears, if we look hard enough, there is positive in every situation. If we all just took the time to look deeper, maybe we could make bigger changes in those around us. I encourage you all to take that deeper look on the positive side and see how you can influence those around you for the good. f

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