MEMBERS New Members

The MDA welcomes these new/reinstated members (to September 15):

CENTRAL Jordan Immel, Jefferson City (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) David Kang, Mexico (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Priyanka Patel, Columbia (NY Univ 20) Houston Rash, Columbia (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Steven Thrap, Camdenton (Univ of IA 20) Christy Tran, Columbia (Midwestern Univ 20) Kayla White, Columbia (ATSU-MOSDOH 20)

GREATER KANSAS CITY Shan Ao, Belton (UMKC 20) Amber Arshad, Independence (UMKC 20) William Atchison, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Bryndon Belnap, Kansas City (Creighton Univ 20) Matt Bryant, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Brianna Buchheit, Belton (UMKC 20) Garrett Charette, Kansas City (Boston Univ 20) Nicholas Dorau, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Trent Finley, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Aliah Fueller, Kansas City (Univ of KY 20) Aliah Haghighat, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Beau Haydon, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Jamandeep Kaur, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Wedi Khizirpour, Independence (UMKC 20) Christopher Kim, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Jim Kleoppel, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 20) Kent Mann, Kansas City (Temple Univ 17) Akam Muhammad, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Vee Patel, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Cole Prstojevich, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Anthony Spates, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Brianna Thompson, Kansas City (UMKC 20) Amy Tils, Blue Springs (Midwestern Univ IL 20) Keeley Treece, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 20) Precious Ude, Kansas City (TX A&M Univ 20) Christian Vargas, Grain Valley (UMKC 20) Hemali Vin, Kansas City (Univ of MD 16) Austin Welch, Kansas City (Univ of OK 20) Jane Witt, Kansas City (UMKC 20)

GREATER ST LOUIS Amani Abdulateef, St. Louis (SIU 20) Samantha Ackerman, Wentzville (UMKC 20) Nathan Antoine, St. Louis (Midwestern Univ 17) Dakoda Apodaca-Johnson, Arnold (SIU 20) Husham Aswad, Festus (SIU 20) Travis Barrett, St. Louis (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Stephen Beck, St. Louis (UMKC 20) Blake Besancenez, St. Louis (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) David Bingham, St. Louis (Univ of TX, San Ant 20) Tanner Brown, St. Charles (SIU 19) Alexander Cai, St. Louis (Univ of TX, Houston 20) Michael Chon, Valley Park (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Strater Crowfoot, St. Louis (Creighton Univ 20) Andrew Dalin, St. Louis (IN Univ 20) Tommy Dinges, O’Fallon (SIU 20) Alexandra Engel, St. Louis (Univ of MS 20)

Steven Hernandez, St. Louis (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Michael Lee, St. Louis (Univ of MN 20) Emily Mack, Imperial (Midwestern Univ 17) Ranjeet Mann, Arnold (IN Univ 20) Abraham McKay, St. Louis (Univ of UT 20) Kenneth Mueller, St. Peters (OH State Univ 20) Sable Muntean, Univ City (LECOM Coll Dent Med 18) Leah Norvell, Wentzville (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) James Oslica, St. Peters (UMKC 20) Karan Patel, St. Louis (Nova Southeastern Univ 20) Puja Patel, St. Louis (East Carolina Univ 19) Rachel Ragsdale, St. Louis (UMKC 20) Michael Rehme, St. Louis (UMKC 20) Mary Remley, St. Louis (Univ of MS 20) Heba Sarhan, St. Louis (Univ of AL 20) Sima Shakiba, St. Louis (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Benjamin Shanker, Ferguson (UMKC 20) Lauren Thai, St. Louis (Case Western Reserve Univ 20) Catherine Thornton, St. Louis (Univ of MS 20) Susana Torres, St. Louis (Univ of Puerto Rico 20) William Tosie, Arnold (Univ of UT 20) Giau Tran, St. Louis (Nova Southeastern Univ 20) Justin Woodruff, Manchester (Univ of Louisville 20) Craig Young, St. Louis (Midwestern Univ 20)

GREATER SPRINGFIELD Chelsea Brown, Springfield (UMKC 20) Hallie Casteel, Springfield (UMKC 20) Steven Hassenplug, Springfield (Univ of OK 20) Dawson Loschen, Gainesville (SIU 20) Taylor Short, Hollister (Univ of OK 20) Brett Ward, Buffalo (UMKC 14)

NORTHEAST Matthew Williams, Kirksville (ATSU-MOSDOH 20)

NORTHWEST Ann Hughes, Cameron (Midwestern Univ 20) Spencer Twaddle, Maryville (UMKC 20)

SOUTHEAST Kyungsang Lee, Potosi (TX A&M Univ 19) Tanner Lorenz, Farmington (UMKC 20) Rachael Parker, Sikeston (ATSU-MOSDOH 20) Chintan Shukla, Farmington (Rutgers 20)

SOUTHWEST John Davis, Cassville (Univ of OK 98) Ly Nguyen, Webb City (Univ of FL 20) Blake Roberts, Neosho (UMKC 20) Derek Schneickert, Joplin (UMKC 20)

Deceased Members

The MDA expresses its condolences for these deceased members (to September 15):

GREATER KANSAS CITY Robert K Klein, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 75) died June 22, 2020.

Jacob A Laudie, Lee’s Summit (UMKC 06) died August 4, 2020.

GREATER ST LOUIS Frank E Seifried, St. louis (SLU 59) died July 24, 2020.

CleverRx for Savings

MDIS has introduced a new savings ben- efit for members, their teams and families: CleverRx. It is not insurance, but rather a savings program. One of the companies that MDIS works with suggested it, because while most people have insurance, and some prescriptions may be inexpensive, some may not. This provides another option to use to help bring down costs of medication—and it’s entirely free to use. A nice feature of their website and app is that you can do a prescription price lookup based on the drug name and zip code. “I take a monthly thyroid medication, and it saved me $6,” said Vicki Wilbers, MDA Executive Director. “I just have one medication to take, but still it’s a savings—and could be more significant for those with multiple scripts.”

• Go to to get started (use the website or download the app).

• Free to use, no sign up or registration required. Save up to 80 percent off pre- scription drugs and beat copay prices. On the app/website you can look up a prescription price based on the drug name and your zip code.

• Present the CleverRx savings app or card to your pharmacist. (The PDF card, if you prefer to have a hard copy, can be printed from


MDIS announced in August it is offering a simplified issue group disability policy avail- able only to MDA members. Available are 10- and 20-year term life options. Contact Lindsey at MDIS for information or quotes, or to receive answers to FAQs on Disability and Business Overhead Expense policies.


The MDIS Dental, Vision, Hearing Program still needs providers. Learn more at

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