Online Auto-Renew Option: The Easy Way to Pay Dues


s 2020 winds down, it will not be re- membered as easy in any way, shape or form. You are to be commended

for your perseverance. Hopefully the many re- sources provided by the MDA and ADA were a big help to you. And now time marches on, and we want to offer you something easy to start 2021. As we prepare the dues cycle and payment process for 2021, we highly encour- age you to take the easy way and pay online and set up auto-renew. The following infor- mation will remind you about the process.


The auto-renew plan allows you to choose the preference of a once-per-year payment or a 12-month payment plan that the MDA will process continuously from year to year (until a member asks the auto-renew/payment to stop). Members are allowed to update/

change their credit card, recognizing it will expire at some point or, in the event they wish to change to a different card to be used for future charges. However, to cancel any automated credit card charge, members will need to contact the MDA.

Most important, each year members will be sent a notification, well in advance, notifying them of any changes to dues amounts (such as a dues increase) along with the ability to make any changes to their voluntary contribu- tion amounts. After the notification time has passed, the first payment will be processed on December 10. The payment system automati- cally will email a receipt for the dues payment either annually or with each installment pay- ment (monthly installments will be processed the 10th of each month).

AUTO RENEW NOTIFICATION Members enrolled in dues auto-renew will receive an email 30 days in advance of the first payment (each year) notifying of any changes to dues amounts, along with the ability to make changes to voluntary contributions. After the 30 days have passed, the first pay- ment (in full or installment amount) will be processed December 10.


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10 focus | SEP/OCT 2020 | ISSUE 5

When paying your dues online and setting up the auto-renew option, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the various vol- untary categories of ADPAC, MODentPAC, MDA Foundation and the Dental Well Being Foundation. For each of these, contribu- tions with dues are the biggest fundraiser to support the important work of each entity. As with your auto-renew dues payment, your voluntary contribution to any of these categories also will auto renew at the same amount as the previous year, unless you increase, decrease or cancel the voluntary contribution amount.


After dues have been established by the MDA House and the 2021 dues cycle is open, we will offer seven $100 gift cards as prize incen- tives. This is possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: Heldebrandt Consulting, MDIS and MedPro. All members who pay their dues online by November 29 will be entered into a random drawing to win one of the seven prizes. Winners will be notified after the November 29 deadline.


Certainly, the MDA appreciates your mem- bership and welcomes dues payment by tradi- tional methods of check, credit card or ACH bank account payments that are mailed or called in. However, the MDA is encouraging online payments and auto-renew enrollment for cost savings, for ease and speed of pro- cessing, for automated receipts and for added safety and security of payment information. f

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