Congratulations Life Members Congratulations Life Members Te MDA salutes these new MDA life members!

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Dr. Robert Abernathy, Lee’s Summit Dr. Henry J Antolak, Leawood, KS

Dr. George F Blaich, IV, Poplar Bluff Dr. Danna P Cotner, Cape Girardeau Dr. Gilbert J Cyr, St. Louis


Dr. LawrenceWDoerr, St. Louis Dr. Robert H Dye, Columbia Dr. Robert K Engle, Concordia Dr. Michael J Faddis, St. Louis Dr. Debra F Fink, St. Louis Dr. Steven A Franz, St. Louis Dr. Kenneth A Fuchs, Columbia

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Dr. David A Groenke, Gerald Dr. Stephen

henW Hiatt, O’Fallon n

Dr. Ronald E Inge, Edwardsville, IL Dr. RodgerWJanes, Belle Dr. James D Jersak, Springfield


Dr. Saba S Khalil, St. Louis Dr. Joan K Knuth, Parkville Dr. Dale Kunkel, Neosho Dr. John R Landgraf, Jr., St. Louis Dr. Ronald T Lang, St. Louis Dr. John A Leible, Sikeston Dr. Jonathan J Majers, St. Louis

t profession. We’reW proud Life Membership status

ch we operateop pr

rs p st us to doctors who urn r 30 continuous years or

p ra today.oda We truly d to welcome ur


e. Congratulations to the fol Dr. Marsha L Marden, St. Louis


Dr. Richard G Mark, Independence Dr. Mark X McCarthy,th Kirkwood Dr. Dennis R Monnig, Springfield Dr. Daniel A Narup, St. Louis Dr. DavidM Neal, Chillicothe Dr. Scott F Nolen, Florissant Dr. Craig J Plahn, St. Louis Dr. Pamela J Pogson, Independence Dr. Gail D Redman, East Prairie Dr. Donald D Riley, Kirksville Dr. Ralph K Ruckman, Independence

today We uly ppy appreciate their me the them to


wh turn 65 during the year andr a whod o 40r


t this select group! have

total years.l ye s. In August, Life Members th following doctors:

Dr. Gerald Schmitz, Imperial Dr. Daniel

Dr. John C Snow, Independence Dr. JohnW Tabash,

Da L Sindelar, St. Louis nde

h St.S Louis

Dr. David J Thein, Leawood, KS Dr. MarkM Tobben, Washington Dr. Champ C Todd, Canton Dr. Mark L Trulsson, St. Joseph Dr. June K Wolff, Clayton

YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN ONE OF SEVEN MDA PRIZE INCENTIVES FOR 2021 DUES! Seven $100 gift cards will be awarded to members who pay their dues online by November 29. Winners will be drawn randomly from all those who qualify and announced after the drawing takes place.


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