Division of Professional Registra- tion (Missouri Dental Board) were emailed to licensees’ valid email addresses and mailed via postcard to those without valid addresses. Licensees who would like to renew online can go to A PIN number (included in the renewal email and on the postcard) will be required and there will be a convenience fee. If you have misplaced your PIN number, one can be requested in writing from the board office by email or fax. It is recommended that licensees submit renewal applications by November 1, 2020 to allow processing time. Any licensee whose license has not been renewed by the expiration is not authorized to practice after that date until the license has been renewed by the board. Submission of the renewal form and fee does not constitute renewal or grant the ability to practice after the expiration date. To request a duplicate paper renewal notice, contact the board office by email, fax or phone. Paper renewals will be emailed, faxed or mailed to the licensee based on the request. Contact the Missouri Dental Board by email ( gov), fax (573-751-8216) or phone (573-751-0040).

Missouri Dental License Renewal Time A

t the beginning of Sep- tember, renewal notifica- tions from the Missouri


In addition to the license renewal, the form includes a few questions the Office of Dental Health (ODH) would like you to answer also. The surveys—one for dentists and one for dental hygienists—should take fewer than 5 minutes to complete. You may access the workforce surveys links for Dentists ( and Dental Hygienists (

• Why is ODH doing this survey? To develop a Workforce Analysis. It will provide information to help ODH and other stakeholders make policy decisions.

• What happens to my answers and personal data? All answers will be maintained on the Dental Board server and only accessed by Board personnel. The Workforce Analysis will summarize the data provided; no individual data will be reported.

• When will the Analysis be available? Before July 2021. When it is completed it will be posted on the ODH website and shared with stakeholders.


During September, the MDA and ADA made available some new and/or updated COVID- related resources.

The MDA recently updated its “What If” Scenarios FAQ to have additional information and designed in such a way that it makes it easier to read through the various scenarios. You can access it from the MDA App and the MDA COVID web page. We hope you find it helpful and will continue to update it based on any changes or new guidance. Also the ADA provided two great, on-demand digital webinars that are available from Virus (follow the Digital Events link on the top of the page).

• Regulatory Compliance During COVID-19: Covers required PPE, engi- neering controls, and written policies you must have to be in compliance with OSHA’s recently published guidance for dental practices and CDC’s recommen- dations for healthcare settings.

• Managing Leave in the Dental Office: Learn about employer-paid COVID leave under recent federal legislation, excep- tions that apply and when temporary fur- lough may be available for staff members who need COVID-related leave.

Also on the ADA page under Practice Resources, you will see two new guidance documents that join their collection:

• Equity in Patient Screening & Treatment: ADA recommends screening all dental patients (including frontline/ essential workers, such as nurses) prior to treatment, regardless of the patient’s oc- cupation. Review this policy and use the ADA Return to Work Toolkit to properly screen and assess risks in your practice.

• Providing Names of COVID-19 Positive Patients: Guidance for when a public health official or someone in law enforce- ment may ask you to give the name of a patient who is COVID-19 positive.


You can find links to these resources from and You also can find links on The MDA App under the COVID button.

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