the project schedule since equipment information can be included in the permitting submittals and it can be fully coordinating throughout the design and construction process. “Te end result is there are less gaps and fewer changes during construction,” Garcia said. “Tis was a huge success for the owner and our team in deliv- ering this project.”

Navigating the COVID-19 Challenge

Like every other construction

project underway in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic delivered another significant challenge for the team to navigate during the final months of construction. “Our first and most important

priority was making sure everyone was safe and healthy,” Garcia commented. Even before the countywide ordinances

Copyright Tim Griffith, courtesy McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

came out, “we were establishing safety and sanitation protocols and started to enforce mask wearing even before that became the official rule,” she added. “We were trying to make sure our team

and craft felt safe with what we were doing.” Because it was a healthcare project, the team knew the importance of pushing forward to complete this essential facility. Te Oak Pavilion received its certif-

icate of occupancy in early September and officially opened for business on September 29, 2020. Garcia said the reception to the new hospital has been extremely positive from a community that passed local taxpayer funded bonds to help pay for it. “Tis was truly a community

project,” Garcia noted. “We feel such a degree of satisfaction to be part of a solution, especially during these times. It was not without its challenges, but at the end of day we feel really good about what we accomplished in this phenomenal state-of-the-art hospital and just knowing how much it is going to help the community.” 

Expert Craftsmanship and a Relationship You Can Count On.

Cement Masons Locals 500 & 600 signatory contractors are among the highest profile, reputable and successful firms in Southern California. Our workforce represents the most highly trained and competent craftspeople in the concrete industry. Our relationship together can assist in your company’s value and growth. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this will.

We help level your playing field with:   

Your workforce is trained in:    

Contact us and we will show you how we have assisted others like you to create growth and 

Southern California Cement Masons LMCC  

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