Value of Partnerships As Giroux Glass has coped with

the pandemic-related challenges in 2020, it pivoted to remote work and increased use of cloud computing and virtual meeting technologies. Frequent internal communication has been key, from multiple check-in meetings each day to a weekly email that Lomedico sends out to all Giroux Glass employees each Sunday since the start of the pandemic, updating them on a variety of fronts. Similarly, Lomedico sees commu-

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada was another Giroux Glass project. Photo by Brian Peregrina, Giroux Glass.

and have fun at the same time really carries you through.” Giroux Glass also fully embraces an open-book approach, encouraging employees to stay updated on its financial and business operations.

Competitive Advantage So what sets Giroux Glass apart

from its competition? In addition to its thriving company culture and employee ownership, Lomedico said a key competitive advantage is Giroux’s ability to handle projects from design and conception through completion, while also being able to service its own projects. “We complete over 200 projects a year and over 2000 (service) work orders,” she noted. Te company has helped construct

an array of high profile and noteworthy projects. Among them: recent work on the new arenas for the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams, the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Renovation, and the Grand Canyon Skywalk project, to name just a few. In addition, through its service

work on buildings “Giroux has worked on virtually every high-rise in downtown Los Angeles and hotel on the Las Vegas Strip” during its 75 years, Lomedico pointed out. Like its industry counterparts, the

company faces its share of challenges as well as successes. Finding the right talent, coping with material price increases, managing the many pandemic-related challenges and the constant pressure to cut costs and trim already slim project margins as owners tighten their belts during the current financial downturn, are just a few. “When the pandemic started,

there were a lot of jobs put on hold or canceled,” Lomedico said. “It’s in those challenges that you actually see what you’re made of that is going to help us stay focused and resilient during times of uncertainty.”

nication, networking and partnerships with other companies through partici- pation in industrywide organizations like AGC of California as vital to their ongoing success, especially during a downturn. “You see it all over the news that we’re all in this together, but really in the construction industry, we are like one knitted sweater together. Survival in the construction industry really takes great partnerships,” she said. Survival is something this company

clearly knows something about as it marks its 75th anniversary. In addition to putting together an

anniversary book to tell the Giroux Glass story, there will be virtual celebrations with the hope to hold one in person once the pandemic is at bay, Lomedico noted. “Tis milestone means so much to us. We plan to celebrate it all year long.” 

Giroux Glass delivered the distinctive structural glass wall of the façade of the Donald Dungan Library, Lions Park, Costa Mesa, as well as the curtain wall, sliding glass walls, storefronts, custom graphic glass and arched openings and skylight. Photo by Brian Peregrina, Giroux Glass.

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