By Caity Heim, AGC Communications and Marketing Manager

At AGC, we understand the

essential role highly qualified, in-house talent plays in our ability to offer members the best, most personalized support. As we look to the future, AGC is excited to introduce our new bench of experts in strategic communications, workforce development and training, safety and health, and government affairs. We are confident that our staff will

provide vital support to our members’ success as you build and strengthen our state. Meet your new in-house experts and find out who’s transitioning to new roles within your association, below.

Manny S. Leon, Vice President of Government Affairs

Manny Leon

comes to AGC of California after serving as the Principal Consultant to the California State Senate Committee on Transportation for over five years. Prior to that he served as Senior Consultant for the Assembly Transpor- tation Committee. Leon has worked on legislation and policy issues that covered the Department of Motor Vehicles, Caltrans, the High-Speed Rail Authority, regional planning, trans- portation finance, project delivery, and much more. In 2017, Leon was the lead staff to the Transportation Chair, Jim Beall (San Jose) for SB 1 and SB 595 (Regional Measure 3). After obtaining his Master’s Degree

in Public Administration, Leon was selected to the Assembly Fellows Program where he worked for then- Assemblymember John Laird. He worked for the Mayor of Riverside and the Orange County Transportation Authority before returning to Sacra-

mento. He is an appointed member and Chair of the City of Sacramento’s Administration, Investment, and Fiscal Management Board.

Holly Harper, Vice President, Strategic Communications

A nationally

recognized, award- winning external affairs professional, Holly Harper has more than 20 years of experience in strategic communica- tions, government relations, community engagement and more. Most recently, she worked as Sutter Health, Valley Area’s director, external affairs where she managed and set strategy for external affairs activities for the surrounding area. Harper holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Brian Mello, Safety Manager Brian Mello

comes to AGC with several years of experience in construction and occupational safety and a degree in Safety and Occupa- tional Health and Applied Sciences. Most recently, he was the safety officer for Shawmut Design and Construction, Greater Boston Area. In this new role, Mello leverages his experience overseeing the safety of multiple largescale projects to provide in-house planning, organization and execution of safety and regulatory functions in support of AGC membership.

Kendra Bilo, Training & Education Manager

Kendra Bilo has been promoted to

AGC training & education manager, after playing a critical role cultivating

and managing AGC’s successful Training & Education Program. She has a decade of experience in corporate training, customer service, and relationship management.

Kate Mergen, Director of Agency Relations

Kate Mergen

transitions into a part-time role within AGC leadership as the director of agency relations, where she will continue to leverage her relationships with our agency partners to advance the needs of AGC members and the industry. She will support the Caltrans Liaison Committee and work with the government affairs team. Mergen brings over 12 years of industry experience, most recently serving as Vice President, Government Affairs for AGC of California.

Reagan Hime, Policy Coordinator

Reagan Hime

brings six years of public policy and advocacy expertise to AGC. Most recently he worked at a Sacramento- based public affairs agency conducting issue, policy, and opposition research to support the firm’s ballot initiative campaigns. As AGC’s resident policy expert he will play a key role helping execute the association’s compre- hensive advocacy strategy by reviewing, researching, and providing resources on policy matters important to AGC members. 

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