Networking, innovation & education … it’s all here. Water summit

With the huge success of the drought summits during the last two Irrigation Shows, this year IA will be sponsoring a water summit. Industry experts will gather to continue a discussion to explore issues related to water supply challenges and technologies and solutions for a sustainable future.

Unmatched education offerings

Participating in the education conference sets you apart to customers and keeps you on the cutting-edge of the changing industry. The conference includes seminars, technical programs and education classes conducted by the industry’s leading experts and researchers. The seminars and the technical program are all open to attendees with a full registration, and participants can earn CEUs.

Agriculture technical program – these topics and more

 Special Session: USDA-ARS Ogallala Aquifer Program Center Pivot Irrigation Technology Transfer Effort

 Microirrigation Technologies for Agricultural Production  Improving Agricultural Irrigation Scheduling and Management  The Future of Irrigation – Moving Toward Sustainability

Attendees can also take their careers to the next level by taking advantage of the education courses and certification exams offered throughout the week. Choose from agriculture irrigation, landscape and golf as well as business classes. There is an additional registration fee associated with these classes.

Agriculture irrigation classes

 Advanced Pumps (half day)  Agricultural Drip/Micro Design (two days)  Agricultural Irrigation Specialist (two days)  Center Pivot Design (two days)  Irrigated Soils (half day)  Principals of Irrigation: Agriculture (two days)  Pumps and Pumping Systems (half day)  Soil-Plant-Air Continuum (half day)

Keynote speaker Doug Rauch

If you have ever set foot in a Trader Joe’s, you’ve experienced the innovative mastery of Doug Rauch, the keynote presenter for the 2017 Irrigation Show and Education Conference.

Rauch is the former president of Trader Joe’s Company, a popular neighborhood grocery store. Rauch spent 31 years with the company — 14 years as president. In an industry known for cut-throat competition, Rauch worked to grow the small nine-store chain in Southern California to a nationally acclaimed retail success story with more than 340 stores in 30 states.

Those who work with Rauch agree that his innovative approach is what took this company that started as a 7-Eleven knockoff to become the hottest retailer in America.

During his keynote address, Rauch will share stories and eye-opening case studies and reveal how to create a self-sustaining culture of innovation, build a brand in a competitive marketplace and lead with a purpose.

Enjoy sunny Orlando for the entire week, explore the show floor exhibits, and take advantage of all the networking and professional development offerings at the 2017 Irrigation Show.

Register online today! Questions? 703.536.7080;

Early bird discount deadline

July 31

Regular discount deadline

Oct. 1

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