Smart Irrigation Month/Smart technologies Promoting Smart Irrigation Month

Company finds numerous avenues to raise efficient water-use awareness and promote July as Smart Irrigation Month By Maureen Nassie

Support, share and engage – these are the words the Irrigation Association uses for its most important sustainability initiative, Smart Irrigation Month. At Netafim USA, we are supporting this initiative through various activities, sharing best practices and engaging both our internal and external partners to raise awareness about smart irrigation practices and deliver real results.

Netafim USA is committed to promoting water-use efficiency through innovative, water-saving products and technologies. After all, water conservation is what lead to the start of the company over 50 years ago. As the world population and subsequent demand for food and water continue to grow, natural resources such as water will continue to dwindle. As a steward of this industry, it’s our job to help ensure a sustainable future. One way to do this is by joining forces with the Irrigation Association to promote smart irrigation and water-saving practices.

Over the years, Netafim USA has supported Smart Irrigation Month in a variety of ways. We were instrumental in securing a

proclamation from the mayor of the city of Fresno, California, declaring July as Smart Irrigation Month in order to raise awareness of the importance of irrigation efficiency – for both homeowners and agribusiness. The city also provided informational booklets with water savings tips, which we distributed to our employees and customers.

We also organized a 5K walk/run for Smart Irrigation Month, raising a significant amount of funds, which were donated to the local children’s hospital. Promotion of this event included ads on local radio stations, shared event details via social media, a press release and adding the Smart Irrigation Month logo to the giveaway items.

Netafim sponsored the Central Valley Water Forum that centered on drought conditions and the impact on the area’s agricultural community. A panel discussion focused on the current and future availability of water for agriculture use, how the system broke down and what is being developed to assist in fixing it. During this event, we shared Smart Irrigation Month marketing tools and highlighted the importance of promoting efficient irrigation not only in July but all year long.

Participants talk to Rep. Jim Costa, D – Calif., at a Central Valley Water Forum sponsored by Netafim.

To raise awareness within our internal teams, we encouraged them to participate in the Thunderclap campaign and the “Smart Selfie” – the IA’s first ever sign holding campaign. With external customers, we add the Smart Irrigation Month logo to communications, post and tweet on social media channels and share effective practices and innovative technologies through email blasts and printed mailers. We also direct customers to the valuable resources found on the

Runners and walkers participate in a 5K walk/run for Smart Irrigation Month.

Smart Irrigation Month pages within the IA website at

All of our Smart Irrigation Month efforts have been overwhelmingly positive, and that fuels us to keep supporting, sharing and engaging. Netafim USA will continue to be a leader in smart water stewardship and an integral part of educating our industry on smart and efficient irrigation practices – because it’s a win for us all!

Photo credit: Netafim USA

Maureen Nassie is

the marketing and communications manager at Netafim USA and is the past chair of the Irrigation Association’s Smart

Irrigation Month Committee. 29

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