Gil Price Memoriam  Continued From Page 13

Gil Price was a true “people person.” He always had a story to tell, and always wanted to hear yours. Gil’s stories ranged from his adventures selling books (or maybe it was vacuums or something) door-to-door in rural Oklahoma, hob- knobbing with royalty in Lichenstein, to – a quite frequent topic – his latest travel experience or plans. Another hallmark of a conversation with Gil was his big room-filling laugh that almost always made appearance at some point in the exchange. Yes, he was a professional administrator and marketing was part of his business, but it wasn’t all business with him. He genuinely enjoyed connecting with people and will be missed by many.

— Jeremy Stilwell

For anyone who ever had the privilege of knowing Gil, you know how big his heart was, how kind and welcoming he was and how fun he could be when you needed a laugh. While I could go on for hours about how my goal of any virtual meeting we were in together was to make him laugh (and I was pretty good at it) or of the political memes that were a bit too political for social media that we’d send to one another, I cannot stop remembering the time he brought me to tears with his thoughtfulness and kindness. During a particular law day, I was sharing with Gil that my son was struggling with his identity and if he may be gay or not. As the conversation went along, I shared how watching him work through the question broke my heart and that as a mom, I always made sure my son knew he was loved and accepted unconditionally. He gave me a big hug and warm words of encouragement. I watched him walk from the room and while the conversation and the time spent getting his unique perspective on my situation left a lasting mark on my heart, I thought that was it. Most people know that Gil’s relationship with his mother, Harriet was an amazing one. He adored her and I knew he thought the sun rose and set on her. I preface this as I still hope to this day that I will share the type of relationship with my own kids that Gil shared with his mom. I also share this bit so that you will know what it meant to me to see Gil spin around as he was leaving the room and walk back to me to share, “Melissa. I love talking to you about your son. I can hear the love in your voice, and I have to think how lucky your kids are to have you. You remind me of my mom and how I could always go to her about anything without judgment. I just wanted to take the time to tell you.” And that was Gil. He listened and he remembered everything! And he would always take the time to care. More than anything, it’s his thoughtful kindness that I will miss the most. And now I’m crying again just writing this.

— Melissa Guyott 14 Community Associations Journal | July-August 2021

There are those individuals, who, upon meeting, create a lasting impact upon one’s life. Such was the case with Gil Price. Coming to Seattle and getting engaged with the Chapter, I was invited to my first mixer just a few short weeks after arrival in the Emerald City. Arriving at the event, I was grabbed on the arm and told, “Paul you gotta meet this guy. He knows all about you and he wants to meet you.” “Who is it”, I said, and was told, “oh you’ll find out”. The next moment, I was in front of Gil Price, who instantly, he and I developed this weird, fun, irreverent chemistry and thus began a wonderful 9-year friendship. From Chapter events, to private gatherings, both he and I, and later our husbands, all become wonderful friends. We’d spend hours discussing politics, people, travel and dishing on just about anything and everything – all sprinkled with snark, wit and just plain fun. I had spoken to Gil the morning of his tragic health event, making plans for dinner the following Wednesday. All was good. No inkling that it would be the very last time I would speak to him or share a story. Life has a way of making us stop and appreciate what we have right in front of us and seize the opportunity to do what we can, while we can for truly tomorrow is not guaranteed. I loved Gil Price – he was my industry soul-mate, my partner in crime and one of my biggest fans. To use his words, he was just “Three-Snaps-Fabulous.” Godspeed Gil Price. May you rest in peace knowing your presence on this earth was impactful, meaningful, and joyful. I shall always miss you.

— Paul D. Grucza

As I sit here struggling to find the right words to share the grief and sadness that I feel over the loss of a friend, mentor, and amazing person. I cannot imagine going to an event and not seeing him. Our hearts are truly broken. He was the most thoughtful, supportive, and integral part of membership assisting with the numerous new member orientations and always there for everyone. I will cherish the memories and miss you dearly. Thank you, Gil, for all that you did for our community.

— Tracy Abdul

As often happens with a president and executive director relationship, a true friendship develops, and that is exactly what happened with us throughout Gil’s 2008 presidency. During that time, we held weekly Monday morning calls that of course covered Chapter business but always included personal conversations that I reflect on often. Like many, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to share a few dinners at Gil’s home. He was a terrific cook, fabulous host and great conversationalist. Something that I admired most about Gil was that he knew his value. He knew what he offered professionally and personally. I miss him and will miss our talks.

— Michelle Leary

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