RECAP 2021

— By Ila Kane, CMCA, AMS — T

his year, the focus for Made for Managers Day was on Managing in the Time of Covid. The Made For Managers Day Committee wanted to focus the

sessions on helping managers process the unique year they’d experienced and help them navigate the challenges that might be coming as the world continues to change in often surprising ways. The sessions were divided into toolbox learning, to help new managers focus on the foundations and remind more experienced managers of things they may not have learned about in a few years, and on advanced topics to provide deeper conversations and more robust training on difficult topics.

The sessions were divided into toolbox learning, to help new managers focus on the foundations.

Attorney Ken Harer taught a class on Managing Mistakes, which isn’t something that is talked about very often but was a valuable class about something all managers and management companies go through, and everyone should know how to ethically and legally navigate. He reminded attendees to focus on solving the problem early, notifying insurance and legal counsel, and working to prevent recurrence.

Several business partners, including David Wescott at Transblue and Zach Von Schneidau at the Harris Company,

10 Community Associations Journal | July-August 2021

informed managers about emerging technologies to help communities modernize their properties to fit our evolving world, be it adjusting to the new world of being home and having a need for better ventilation, or updating the infrastructure of our garages and parking lots to conform to the electric vehicle markets and requirements. Aimee Hilton, CMCA from T-Square Management taught a toolbox class about how to harness the tech of email to make our lives easier and more efficient.

We also got updates from Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS at Accurate Reserve Professionals and Dave Gramann from Amento Group, as well as Jim Talaga from Association Reserves and Greg Floyd and Ann Hart from HUB International about how to use the tools of Reserve Studies and Building Inspections to make sure we’re properly funding for our properties, how the raw materials prices have changed funding and insurance outlooks.

The Committee thanks all 126 registrants for attending this event.

The Committee thanks all 126 registrants for attending this online event and for providing so much value to our Business Partners. They plan to have the event in person in 2022 and look forward to providing another year of engaging and informative programming for managers of all experiences and skill levels.

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