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We Get What We It Just Feel Good! By Jackie Roethel, Community Outreach Chair & Jackki Vo, CMCA, AMS, Community Outreach Vice Chair

hough it might feel like the Grinch stole 2020, the Outreach Committee has been hard at work. They sponsored a Virtual

5K the week of October 26th which raised over $5,000 for the LAC (Legislative Action Committee). These efforts were crucial given that some of the other annual fundraisers were limited this year due to gathering restrictions. It was great to see everyone getting out and staying active while supporting all the great work the LAC does with our lobbyists on behalf of our industry.

It’s also time again for the Toys for Tots drive. It won’t be quite the same this year as our efforts are exclusively virtual this year, but more families than ever are in need. Please consider donating via the Amazon Wish List and help put a smile on a child’s face when they open a gift that they may not otherwise have been provided.

26 Community Associations Journal | December 2020

There is no doubt this has been a challenging year, but for those who are now even more impacted by loss of income related to COVID-19, it’s an even tougher year. Although our gatherings with friends and family may be limited, we can still make a difference for those who need our support.

Want to help, but just don’t know where to start? Ask yourself some questions…what causes do you feel passionate about? Is it food security, homelessness, domestic violence, animal welfare or something else that has affected you in your lifetime? Not particularly passionate about any one particular cause, choose an amount you can afford to donate and split it up amongst a couple organizations. Every little bit counts! Check to see if your employer matches contributions, you can maximize your donations if your employer matches you or if the organizations you give to have corporate sponsors that match all donations within a given timeframe.

Get creative – in lieu of gift giving, consider giving a donation in the person’s name, or collectively, with friends or family, making donations to a cause that your family  people just donate what they can.

You may even decide this is the year you want to start a monthly donation to your favorite cause – you can set this

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