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Why is WSCAI important to me as a homeowner?

WSCAI was created to assist homeowners in community associations. As a new community association member over seven years ago,


 help me understand the best practices for HOAs. My head swirled. Reserve study? CCRs? Parking policies? Board member duties? Governing documents? WSCAI can help rescue those homeowners who have never served on a board of directors.

WSCAI’s website is full of resources to help your association be its best. WSCAI provides exceptional education opportunities for all the things a homeowner needs to know. Networking is a great tool at the Chapter Mixers to mingle with other homeowners and service providers for community associations. Did I mention we have fun? Golf tournaments, bowling, and this year a virtual 5K! In 2021 we are offering new webinars on a series of topics with homeowners in mind; and all virtual in the new normal.

Joining WSCAI is one of the best decisions you can make to help your community association thrive!

Linda Hanson Hawthorne Hill Condos, Tacoma and WSCAI Board Member

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eing a CAI member helps our Management Team keep close awareness and knowledge

of key industry issues, improves our expertise for how to proactively address them, and

concurrently communicate with key partners to know how

 Team regularly and actively attends educational sessions, presents at key conferences, and gets involved in breakout committees. It is clear the result from these efforts are personal growth of skills and knowledge for our Team that we can then bring to our clients.

Bob Brencic, CMCA, AMS, MBA President, Trestle Community Management

My advice to getting the most of your membership… First, I recommend that members get involved with committees that

include members outside of their industry or focus. It is a great opportunity to work with and learn from members with different skills and perspectives. Second, I recommend that members “Show Up and Say Hi.” This may sound simplistic but based on my 20 years of experience, it really is the only skill needed to get the most value from your membership.

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Jeremy Stilwell, Esq., Partner Barker Martin | (253) 661-5437 |

45,000+ Reserve Studies Over 30 Years.

Experience that instills confidence in clients, worldwide.

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