Meet WSCAI’s By Hilary Bublitz, CMCA, AMS

Lobbyists Kathryn Hedrick T

he WSCAI Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is fortunate to work with two lobbyists, Kathryn

Hedrick and Krystelle Purkey. I sat down with Kathryn and  the residents of our community associations.

“If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.”

Kathryn and Krystelle keep their ears to the ground in Olympia and read through all proposed bills to alert the LAC of any bill recommended by our 137 legislators that could harm community associations and the millions of residents who call them home. Together, Kathryn and Krystelle bring over 20 years of experience to the table. They use their contacts in Olympia to work with state legislators before anything that negatively impacts community associations gains momentum. The job is a lot about detecting the unintended consequences of proposed legislation, educating our legislators about these negative impacts, and working with them and  The coordinated, thoughtful approach our LAC lobbyists bring to these issues strengthens our voice among the

Krystelle Purkey

crowd in Olympia. Krystelle states that when it comes to if you are not at the table, you are on the menu.”

Key “wins” recently have included legislation on foreclosure fairness, construction defects,

low water landscaping, and WUCIOA. As Kathryn and Krystelle look to this next legislative session, they are focused on a bill that would make electronic  option for all community associations regardless of their governing documents. Keeping these options available ensures that homeowners and community managers can continue to keep community associations functioning through COVID-19 and beyond.

Step Up to the Table When you donate to the LAC, you ensure that WSCAI keeps our seat at the table in Olympia. Your donations ensure that our lobbyists maintain an active role safeguarding the interests of community associations in our state. Please continue to support WSCAI’s Legislative Action Committee. 19

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