Getting the most out of your WSCAI Membership


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a company owner dur

s a former WSCAI Membership Committee Member and Recruiter

of the Year, I have quite a few “elevator  membership. However, it was when I became

a company owner, duriing a pandemic, that I truly realized the value of my own WSCAI membership. Not only did my local membership  that impacted the management of common interest communities, but I also had access to national content including webinars, GAP (Generally Accepted Practices) Reports and the CAI Exchange where I could collaborate and connect with colleagues from all over the world.

As a business owner, I immediately have access to other owners, in markets where I don’t compete, from whom I can gain valuable advice and guidance on issues I may never have had to deal with before.

But the exchange isn’t just for company owners. Managers, board members and homeowners also have access to their own, specialized exchange platforms where topics as vast as IT support, VA project approvals and dog issues are discussed, ideas shared, and solutions found. Next, my WSCAI membership also provides me access to the dozens of sample forms and templates available through the national web site. Looking for a job description for a Community Standards Coordinator, but don’t want to start from scratch? Never fear! CAI has nine different Human Resource Management templates to choose from, including that job description you’ve been racking your brain over all week.

Finally, the care and keeping of our managers includes making sure they have access to education, networking and the very best Business Partners who understand how working in a common interest community is different than working at a commercial property. I can’t count how many times I’ve directed my staff to the resources tab of the WSCAI website when I’ve been asked, “Melissa, do you know anyone who does…”

Melissa Guyott, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Co-Owner & CEO, Ponderosa Community Management

O one place via trade s

ur industry is all about building and maintaining relationships. Being a

member of WSCAI allows me to build and maintain relationships through networking and education. The opportunity to be in

one place via trade show or a Zoom Business Partner event

with other managers, Business Providers, and educators is a unique chance for us to come together to be stronger individuals and partners for our mutual clients. The long-term relationships that are  from one dedicated manager to another, and the new introductions that lead to new possibilities are unmatched. My WSCAI membership allows me multiple opportunities to form, create, and  services that are provided to the clients. Working with other WSCAI members shows that we are dedicated professionals looking for a deeper meaning in our careers and partnerships formed. I value my membership, educational opportunities, and volunteerism knowing the more I put into it, the investment is returned in numerous ways.

Toni Hahn, CMCA 

and Business Partner are cru and Busines

he community association industry changes constantly, almost daily as of late with the worldwide pandemic. am an advocate for WSCAI’s education-  educated manager, homeowner leader r are cr cial to communities being managed

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effectively. A well run, educated, thoughtful community association, typically has a reputation for being a desirable community to be a part of, whether that be a homeowner, management company and/ or Business Partner.

Community associations that participate in WSCAI are more forward-thinking and tend to treat their associations as businesses, and with that make business-minded decisions for the greater good of their ownership.

There are many offerings for the various types of membership, the one thing that a member must do is participate. That is the only way to get the most out of their-membership. Many volunteers within WSCAI work to bring the most up-to-date knowledge to community associations and those that participate see the value in membership and become the industries greatest advocate because they see the value that WSCAI strives to give every one of its members.

Alicia M. Graham, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Director – New Development & Services, CWD Group, Inc.

24 Community Associations Journal | December 2020

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