Robert Zamorano of Las Espanolas Ranch in Harlingen, Texas, purchased this pen of Spanish does for $3750 each. They were consigned by Triple M Spanish Goats of Cicero, Ill.

The high-selling Spanish buck was consigned by Rocking Chair Ranch in Fort McKavett, Texas, and was purchased for $7,300 by Paul Persuad of Sunsplash Farms in Alva, Fla.

Record prices paid for Spanish goats By Donna Askew Spanish goats have arrived!

The results of the 2020 Spanish Goat Gathering both excited and amazed participants. God only knows how we had the highest selling buck at $7,300 and the highest selling doe (a group of five) at $3,750 each.

No one dreamt of, let alone expected that we would sell 118 goats for a total of $112,025.00. The average price of the goats in the auction was $895.00 (to be fair, this average does not include the one buck that sold for $7,300.00).

Over the last three Gatherings we have continued to double our

sale prices. This year we promoted the Gathering as a seedstock event with all available Spanish goats being DNA Registered with the Spa- nish Goat Registry. As buyers checked out, they were asked, “What made the difference?”

They said they had always been interested in Spanish goats but had thought they were not a true breed. They felt the DNA Registra- tion gave them confidence in the credibility of the breed. Certainly, we do not imagine the prices will continue to rise, we are grateful and pleased with the results of this auction and could not possibly ask for more.

While ensuring the genetic diversity of the breed is dependent upon maintaining the pure bloodlines, the Pure Spanish Goat – PSG – is equally important to the success of the Spanish goat breed. This was illustrated in our results: the highest selling buck came from a Pure Spanish Herd that is managed by Randy Wood at the Rocking Chair Ranch and the highest selling doe came from the Weinheimer Bloodline bred by Alan Motta and raised by Ron McGill at Triple M Spanish Goats. We continue to build upon our efforts to promote the Spanish

goat at the Spanish Goat Gathering. For this year’s Gathering a few things were added: 1) DNA Registration on all consigned goats; 2) Videotape of each lot uploaded to our YouTube Channel; 3) We did a Facebook Live Feed of our Friday night Consignor presentation where we ran the bucks out while consignors discussed their herds and management practices; and 4) We created a Spanish Goat Gathering YouTube channel and added some of our speakers, Gathering video and consignor ranch videos for those that could not attend. We will continue these practices during future Gathering events. Please subscribe to our channel because we will continue to add content throughout the year to further educate and promote as well as safeguard the Spanish goat breed. We want to thank all our attendees, participants, consignors, sponsors, bidders, speakers, buyers and most importantly, our vol- unteers for coming together as a team and presenting an outstanding event for all. This was our third Gathering and certainly we will con- tinue to address issues and work towards the most efficient and suc- cessful event possible. However, all of us should be proud of what we have accomplished. We are looking forward to our 2021 Gathering that has been scheduled for September 24th & 25th, 2021, at Lane Agri-Park in Murfreesboro, Tenn. We have added a Goat Boot Camp on Friday, September 24th and we promise that all meals will be buffet style!

(Donna Askew is a livestock producer at Living Oak Farm in Abbeville, S.C., and promoter of the Spanish Goat Gathering. She also is administrator of the Spanish Goat Association website and Facebook group as well as a board member of the Spanish Goat Con- servation Society and the Registrar of the Spanish Goat Registry.)

November 2020 | Goat Rancher 39

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