Changes coming to American Savanna Registry In 2017 Terry Hankins helped set

up the American Savanna Registry. Han- kins is the editor of Goat Rancher mag- azine and also part owner of the National Kiko Registry.

“Some Savanna producers came to me and asked if we could set up a reg- istry program for Savannas like we had successfully done for the Kiko industry,” Hankins said. “These producers were not happy with the politics from other registries and wanted a place where they could track their pedigrees without a lot of expense and hassle.” Thus, the American Savanna Reg- istry was born — with the motto: Sa- vanna Registration Simplified! The registry rented office space in the Goat Rancher LLC building in Sarah, Miss., and Hankins’ daughter, Lindley Daniel, served as registrar. As many of you have read in recent

Ron is a veteran and has been an

IT specialist for 30+ years. He has been a web developer for more than 20 years.

“I started my professional career

in the U.S. Air Force and worked for IT giants like IBM and GTE Data Serv- ices,” he said. “I currently work for the top-ranked company in the U.S. provid- ing online education services for K-12 and higher education institutions.” Ron and Lori are looking forward to their farm lifestyle and growing their businesses.

Ron and Lori Phelps — new owners of the ASR.

Goat Ranchers, Hankins has sold the magazine to Lindley and is in semi-retirement. With these changes, it was imperative to find a per- manent home for the American Savanna Registry. “I was eager to help the Savanna industry get this registry off the ground,” Hankins said. “But I am now ready to hand the reins over to someone who can take this great company into the future — and I can find more time to go fishing!”

This is where Ron Phelps comes into the picture. He is now the owner of the registry and over the next couple of months will be mov- ing the registry office to his home in southeastern Indiana. A new phone number and address will be announced as soon as the transi- tion is completed. The e-mail and website addresses will not change. Ron is married to Lori Phelps and they have a 15-year-old

daughter, Addison. “We started Phelps Farms about 6 years ago with dairy goats,” Ron said. “In the last couple years, we transitioned to Savanna and Kiko meat goats. The learning curve has been steep at times but has become a passion for us to produce quality animals.”

“Our vision for the future of Phelps Farms is to continue to breed great meat goats that exhibit excellent maternals, high parasite resistance, solid hooves and are field hardy. This quest has opened a door for Lori and me to own and operate the American Savanna Registry (ASR). Using my IT back-

ground, I will be advancing the system to accept online applications, registrations and payments. “Our goal with the ASR is to continue to provide quality service

at affordable prices, but also to grow the registry and empower Sa- vanna producers by including more digital options that will keep prices low and make the registration process even faster.” n



November 2020 | Goat Rancher


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