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Nov. 7 — The Fall Cowboy Classic Customer Ap- preciation Sale. Payne County Expo Center, Still- water, OK. FMI: Bob Lindenfelser, 580-759-5285. Nov. 6-7 — Central U.S. Kiko Goat Association’s Spring Fling. Okmulgee County Fairgrounds, Ok- mulgee, OK. FMI: Wayne Simms, 918-633-7353 or Dennis Thorp, 832-629-9909. Nov. 13-14 — SEKGA RoundUp and Kiko Sale. Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry, GA. FMI: Mari- lyn Seleska, 229-263-7977 or Nov.13-14 — Final Harvest Sale Hosted By Melton Farms. Lane Agri-Park, Murphreesboro, TN. FMI: Robert Melton @

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New Hampshire officials look for goat-killing bear

Fish and Game officials are trying to trap a bear that has been

attacking goats in Atkinson and Hampstead, New Hampshire. Con- servation officers said at least four animals have been killed. One of the attacks happened on East Road in Hampstead, but the family was able to intervene before it was too late.

Evan Chopas said he and his family heard their goats in distress Tuesday night.

“My mom got out here first,” Chopas said. “She screamed so loud. It was a scream that was just blood-curdling.” He said she saw a bear holding a goat with its claws. “We were just yelling at it: ‘Let the goat go!’ ” Chopas said.

“Honestly, he was a couple seconds away from dying.” In the neighboring town of Atkinson, Erika Corbett and her

family weren’t as lucky.

“When I opened the shed, two of the goats were missing,” Cor- bett said. Corbett said it was clear a bear had ripped the goat’s shed open Sunday morning. Parts of the fence had been bent. One of the goats has returned home, but the other is nowhere to be found. The bear was spotted on camera by a woman living in Atkinson. No animals on her property were harmed. Fish and Game officials said the bear has killed at least four goats since Oct. 8.

“Last night, we actually had three reports of this bear,” said wildlife biologist Dan Bailey. “Two were goat-related, and in one, the bear destroyed some beehives.”

Bailey said bears going after livestock is uncommon. n

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