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Paving the Future of AGC and the Industry By Erin Volk, Director, AGC CEF Over the past two years, the AGC Con-

struction Education Foundation (CEF) and AGC of California have increased their efforts to engage AGC Student Chap- ters in the association. Through their participation at state-

wide conferences, district board meetings, and events, as well as by engaging with the local and statewide CLC, AGC Student Chapter members have gained invaluable networking opportunities and pride in AGC membership. More tangible, their participation has led to internships and job opportunities with AGC member com- panies. According to the “2013 AGC Stu- dent Chapter Survey and Impact Report” compiled by the AGC CEF, over 50 percent of students who attended AGC District events and/or conferences report having met contacts that led to an internship or job opportunity. AGC CEF has also been tracking what

happens to our AGC student chapter members once they graduate and go to work full-time in the industry. Where are they now, and are they still active in AGC?

Sy Harrell: Bridging AGC from School to Industry One such success story is Sy Harrell,

Sy Harrell is a veteran of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

who graduated from California State Uni- versity, Chico in spring 2013 with a degree in construction management. As a student, Harrell was very active in the AGC Student Chapter on his campus. He served as the chapter’s vice president and helped lead his peers to a first place victory in the AGC of America’s Outstanding Student Chapter Contest in 2012. The team won for their incredible efforts on their Spring Break Community Service Blitz Build project in Joplin, Missouri, by building four housing units for tornado victims in one week. Harrell was awarded two scholarships

from AGC of California and the AGC Construction Education Foundation dur-

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