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By Mike Mencarini, AGC CEF Chair

Building on its success of re-

cent years, the AGC of California Construction Education Founda- tion (AGC CEF) has undertaken a diverse array of programs and events

in 2014 that support its

mission to establish construction as a viable career option and to promote varied career opportunities with- in the construction industry.

Career Awareness Days One of the leading ways that AGC CEF

supports the developing workforce is by engaging students at the middle and high school levels through Construction Career Awareness Day (CCAD) events. This year’s events included Bay Area CCAD and Ca- reer GPS. These two events brought together

well over 7,000 students from dozens of schools in the Bay Area and Sacramento regions to learn about the many exciting, promising opportunities in the construc- tion industry.

Closing the Gap through Scholarships Another key way the AGC CEF is

working to close the ever-increasing gap between future construction workforce needs and available workers is by funding scholarships each year for students who choose a skilled trade or degree path in construction. In 2013, we had the opportu- nity to fund a young woman, Gina Vong- kaeo, a Carpenters Union Apprentice, who was awarded the top scholarship of $2,000. In 2014, AGC CEF also funded three in-

dividuals who are pursuing careers in the trade programs. Paul Espinoza received a $2,000 scholarship and participates in the Project STRIPE Pre-Apprenticeship pro- gram at American River College. Zach- ary Kimball and Rachel Cohan were both awarded $1,000 and are currently carpen- ter apprentices. There were numerous other scholar-

ship recipients supported by AGC CEF (all highlighted on page 10 in this issue). Through these scholarship awards, AGC

Theresa Lopez  Steve Samuelian  Marilyn Klinger Associated General Contractors of California 7

CEF is demonstrating its com- mitment to helping students achieve their higher education goals.

Recognizing Our Industry Partners While AGC CEF strives to

be a driving force in workforce development, the support of our industry partners is criti-

cal to making our program effective. This year, we rolled out a new awards program designed to recognize some of the compa- nies and individuals who have gone above and beyond in their support of the AGC CEF programs and services. The first annual Building Future

Awards luncheon took place on Friday, October 24, 2014 at the AGC Fall Confer- ence in Rancho Mirage, California. It hon- ored companies in three categories that have been integral to our success. Winners included Outstanding Contractor Mem- ber Skanska USA Civil West; Outstanding Specialty Contractor Member Dynalec- tric, an EMCOR Company; and Outstand- ing Associate Member Excel Bonds & In-

surance Services, Inc. We applaud the efforts and dedication

of these companies, as well as many others to building our future workforce and offer a hearty thank you to all of the sponsors.

Sponsors: AGC CEF’s Lifeblood That

leads to my final point, which

is the fact that AGC CEF is 100 percent funded through charitable donations and grant funds. I would like to take this op- portunity to thank those companies and individuals who have stepped up to sup- port the AGC CEF by becoming 2014 An- nual Pledge Sponsors. On behalf of the AGC CEF Board of Directors and staff, we extend our sincere appreciation to those individuals and companies that continue to donate their time, resources, and finan- cial support. If you are not currently sup- porting the Foundation, I earnestly invite you to join us in our important efforts towards regenerating the construction workforce. 

Mike Mencarini is 2014 Chair of the AGC

CEF and is Vice President of Unger Con- struction Company, Sacramento.

2014 Foundation Annual Sponsors VISIONARY SPONSORS

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