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Annual State of the Industry Event Brings Together AGC, Northern California Laborers

By Mark Reynosa and Rachel Morris – Northern California Industrial Relations

Building and strengthening relation-

ships is what the field of labor relations is built upon. For union contractors, these relationships are vital to the health and well-being of business operations. This past September, the AGC Indus-

trial Relations Department and the North- ern California District Council of Labor- ers came together for the annual State of the Industry event, which was held at the beautiful Cache Creek Resort in Brooks, CA. This two- day event provided the op- portunity for participants to build those relationships and to discuss current indus- try activities in an amicable setting. Gary Janco with C.C. Myers, Inc., Chair

of the Laborers Craft Committee for the past four years, said this about the event: “I have been involved with the AGC Laborers Craft Committee for over 12 years, and we have come a long way in our recent negoti- ations with the Laborers. I can look at you eye to eye and say that the Laborers State of the Industry has been an excellent tool to get to know the Laborers and for the La- borers to get to know the contractors. We are really getting good information that we never would have gotten in the past.”

Strengthening Relationships The event kicked off with a first day of

social activities, including golf and clay shooting. Guests were greeted by excel- lent weather and excellent venues in both the Yocha Dehe Golf Club at Cache Creek, and the Quail Point Hunt Club in Zamora, California. After a little friendly competi- tion, the events were followed by a group dinner where everyone came together to break bread. The message was spoken that coming together, away from the bargain- ing table, helps both organizations gain a better understanding of perspectives and values, which helps to strengthen the rela- tionship between the organizations. The second day included the formal

portion of the event, where everyone heard reports about joint industry activities, pre- sentations on industry outlook, and dis-

The AGC Industrial Relations Department and the Northern California District Council of Laborers came together in September for the annual State of the Industry event in Brooks, CA.

cussed and shared perspectives about the current and always-evolving marketplace. This year, more than 60 participants lis- tened to opening remarks from the lead- ership of both groups, Oscar De La Torre, Business Manager of the Northern Cali- fornia District Council of Laborers, and AGC of California CEO Tom Holsman. Presentations were then given from the

California Department of Industrial Rela- tions (DIR), Laborers Trust Fund Office, the Foundation for Fair Contracting, Con- struction Industry Force Account Council, California Alliance for Jobs, the Laborers LECET program, and AGC and the Labor- ers Legislative Departments. The underly- ing message throughout the program was that by working together “we” can keep making accomplishments that are benefi- cial to each other and the union construc- tion industry at large. One of the program highlights included

a presentation by Eric Rood with the DIR on SB 854, the new public works contrac- tor registration law. Rood reported on the key details of the program and answered questions about contractor responsibili- ties, as well as the key dates for the new contractor registration program.

Coordinated Legislation Dave Ackerman and Jose Mejia from

AGC and the Laborers Legislative Depart- ments reported on the coordinated legis- lation with highway work zone safety by enhancing double-fine enforcement, data collection, and public education, and on

AB 26 (Bonilla) which codifies a deter- mination by DIR that clarifies that work performed during the post-construction phase of construction on a public works project, including all cleanup work at the jobsite. Also covered by Ackerman and Mejia was AB 1939 (Daly), which clari- fies that it is the responsibility of a project owner or a developer to inform a contrac- tor when prevailing wages are required on a private works project. AGC members signatory to the North-

ern California Laborers who were present at this event included C.C. Myers, Inc., The Dutra Group, K.G. Walters Construc- tion, Syblon Reid, Kiewit Infrastructure Group, Inc., HENSEL PHELPS, Indepen- dent Construction, Myers & Sons Con- struction LP, and Lane Safety Co., Inc. The Northern California Laborers were also well

represented by the Northern

California District Council leadership and the business managers and business rep- resentatives from Laborers Local 67, Local 73, Local 166, Local 185, Local 261, Local 270, Local 294, Local 304, and Local 1130. The Union’s overwhelming support of the event was extremely beneficial and appre- ciated by the AGC membership. The AGC Industrial Relations Depart-

ment is already looking forward to having the next annual State of the Industry event. For more information regarding these and other labor activities, please contact the AGC Industrial Relations Departments at or IRSouth@agc-ca. org. 

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