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AGC Student Chapters Benefit from Education and Networking at AGC Conferences

By Erin Volk, Director, AGC CEF In 2014, the AGC Construction Educa-

tion Foundation (CEF) continued to pro- vide conference scholarships to AGC Stu- dent Chapters across the state for students to attend AGC Conferences. In total, more than 120 students attend-

ed the AGC 2014 Spring and Fall Confer- ences and took advantage of over 40 hours of professional development and training that will assist them in transitioning from the classroom to the field. Additionally, the students benefited from several unique networking opportunities only available at an AGC Conference. At the Spring Conference, students had

an opportunity to attend the “Meet Our Future” lunch. There they participated in a “speed networking” session with execu- tives and recruiters from companies who

sponsored the event, including Griffith Company, Seals/Biehle, and Unger Con- struction Co. Students were able to ask in- depth questions about the companies and the type of work they do. At the 2014 Fall Conference, in addition

to offering education seminars (which are open to all conference participants, includ- ing student chapter members, as well as current

industry professionals), students

also had the opportunity to attend Student Chapter trainings that were geared towards topics more appropriate for their profes- sional development. These trainings in- cluded finding mentorship in the construc- tion industry, achieving work/life balance in your careers, resume building, interview skills, and honing presentation skills. Student Chapter members continue to

provide feedback about their conference evaluations, validating that

their atten-

Student Chapter members attended the AGC 2014 Spring conference and enjoyed the “Meet Our Future” lunch, which included interaction with executives from leading AGC contractor members.

dance at AGC Conferences is one of the most valuable professional development experiences they’ve had as students. For more information about Student

Chapter participation at conferences, con- tact Erin Volk at 

12 November/December 2014

California Constructor

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