dance for a straight week,” Angie said. “I set the little holding pen up outside of their classroom window that morning and the joy on the faces of students and staff alike was unforgettable.” One of Angie’s doeling even found a teaching moment that day. “I took her into the building to visit about 20 different third- and fourth-grade classrooms,” Angie said. “Science was taken to a different level that day and the learning was high. The questions they asked were incred- ible and being allowed to share my passion allowed two of my worlds to collide in a beautiful way.”

Buck power Angie’s husband, Boone, says that she has a soft spot for bucks. “The herd sire that has had the most impact on the herd has been 4- year-old Lit’l Acre’s Bodacious,” he said. “We have retained most of his doelings and one of his buck- lings.”

gles. With a few kids on the ground, Angie is impressed with what she sees. And then there is a homegrown buck that Angie says is being kept under the radar until she sees what he puts on the ground. Of course without good does, one does not have a breeding pro- gram.

A yearling myotonic buck, Moenning Hill Farm Storm Chaser.

“Freedom Fainters Rebel is a beautiful, black and white doe out of Bodacious that is preparing to kid for the first time — she is the first doe we took to an MGR show,” Angie said. “I wanted to take something homegrown and try my hand at showing. I thought if we went in, stood still and exited the ring successfully then that would be a win in my book. She competed against the largest class in the show and when MGR judge Debbie Mul- lins selected her as her 1st place pick, I was overjoyed and honored. While those rosettes are gorgeous, I don’t

Bodacious’ lines go back to several quality lines: Woody Creek, Moenning Hill Farm, Buck Creek, Well’s Wolf River and Shade Tree Acres to name a few. He brings a lot of height and length to kids. “His temperament is everything I would want in a buck,” Angie said. “He is not one I ever have to worry about turning my back on and he gets along well with any other goats I put him with.” Two bucks brought in to add to the depth of the breeding pro- gram are Moenning Hill Farm Storm Chaser and Jamcin’s Bo Jan-

know if anything will ever top that unexpected blue-ribbon moment. “Rebel was also the start to my first ever kidding season and the fact that I had to pull her and ended up at the vet to get the other two kids out has probably helped her to secure a special place in my heart. A canvas painting of her hangs in my office at work. She truly is that special.”

Another doe that stands out is Moenning Hill Farm Annalise. “She is the dam to my herd sire, Bodacious. When I found out she was available, I jumped right away at making her mine. Her build is beautiful and her patterning is mesmerizing to visitors that come to

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April 2021

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