Tuskegee Goat Day will be held virtually April 17

The Tuskegee (Ala.) University Annual Goat Day will be held virtually on Saturday, April 17, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. The theme of this year’s Goat Day is “Goat Meat Process- ing: From Fabrication to Product Devel- opment.”

The boys pay a visit to a local convenience store in the city of Llandudno, Wales.

Roaming goats return to Welsh town following latest Covid lockdown

The goats of the Great Orme headland in Wales were a worldwide sensation during the first Covid lockdown last year after they were pictured roaming brazenly around the deserted streets of nearby Llandudno.

This year there has been a population explosion of the kashmiri goats in their

north Wales headland home after the Covid crisis forced countryside wardens to cancel a planned contraception campaign.

And during the latest lockdown the goats have roamed even farther from the Great Orme, sparking concerns that as restrictions ease, some of the animals who are used to hav- ing the streets pretty much to themselves may be in danger as vehicle traffic builds. Sally Pidcock, warden of the Great Orme country park, said there were estimated to be about 30 billy goats – the males are the ones that tend to travel – at large Llandudno and roughly 150 less adventurous males, plus females and kids, back on the Great Orme. Pidcock said a campaign to give contraceptive injections to nanny goats last summer had to be postponed because of Covid.

“It means there are more kids being born on the Great Orme now than there would have been,” she said. As long as Covid allows, a contraceptive vaccination campaign will take place this summer.

The bolder billy goats tend to be tempted down to the town from their windswept headland home when it feels particularly chilly. Pidcock said some were already returning but others were lingering and some had been spotted on the far side of the town – farther than they had ventured before.

She said: “They have become very confident because so few people have been around again during lockdown. We’re asking motorists to keep an eye out for them.” n

22 Goat Rancher | April 2021

The featured speakers include Dr. Derris Devost-Burnett from Mississippi State Univer- sity, Dr. Jason Sawyer of Auburn University, Auburn Alabama and Dr. Clarissa M. Harris of University of Florida. Topics of the Goat Day include Meat Chemistry and Cuisine: Understanding the ABC’s of Goat Meat Fabrication and Cookery; Meat Goat Processing and Packaging: Oppor- tunities for Improving Availability in a Retail Setting; and Understanding the Critical Control Points and the Application of Antimicrobials in a Goat Meat Facility.

These speakers have many years of ex-

perience in different aspects of meat science. Further, Dr. Nar Gurung, Director of the TU Caprine Research and Education Unit, will provide an update on the status of goat re- search and extension/outreach activities at the unit.

Brady Ragland, Director, Alabama Meat Goat & Sheep Producers (Meat Goat & Sheep Division of Alabama Farmers Federation), will moderate the roundtable discussion that will feature sustainable goat production practices, challenges and opportunities in meat goat pro- duction.

The afternoon will be cooking demon- stration of goat meat from Mississippi State University (attendees will be able to livestream the demonstration).

Registration materials may be obtained at For more in- formation contact Dr. Gurung at 334-727-8457 or 334-421-8620 or e-mail ngurung@tuske- n

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