talk to a female but was very close to being angry. Why, he demanded, would he possibly send me the deposit that his son had asked him to mail? What was Smoke Ridge, who was I and what was his son thinking, to even consider goats for meat as a crop for their farm to raise?

When I had managed to get my breath back, and having recog-

nized the son’s name as having gotten a printed packet from us by mail, as requested, recently. Ah, sir, I asked, did your son show you the papers and pictures that he requested I send to him? After some more grumbling, it be- came clear that the father had never seen any of the pictures and ar- ticles that I had sent. Of course, sir, I said, I completely understand your frustration. Please allow me to send you your very own set of articles and pictures so that you can see what seemed interesting to your son. May I do that, and then follow up with you a few days after you get the envel- ope from me?

The father agreed, and I sent him his very own batch of litera- ture and pictures.

After the new package had time to arrive to the father plus a few days for him to peruse the contents, I called to follow up. The same voice answered the father’s telephone number, but what a dif- ference in tone met me this time! He was curious and had actually read the information, because he asked some very good questions. What a relief to be talking to a now-interested person about the great business that meat goats are offering so many of us. The father sort of asked, kind of, a little bit – does that sound as hesitant as he was in asking me? – what kind of people actually eat the goat meat. Taking another deep breath, I explained that many humans all over the world choose to eat goat meat when they could,

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