This Dust Devil Ranch doe consignment brought $30,000.

This 2M Boer Goats consignment was the top-selling buck at $9,000. Top seller brings $30,000 at Labor Day Classic

The 12th Annual Labor Day Classic sale was held Saturday, Sept. 4, at Shawnee Expo Center in Shawnee, Okla. It was a full house in the air-conditioned facility as 15 consignors offered the best from their herds. Buyers from across the U.S. attended the sale with a large and very active online group bidding along with international buyers purchasing multiple consignments.

Consignors for this year were 2 Bit Boers, Diamond B Boer Goats, Dust Devil Ranch, 2M Boer Goats, Ash Livestock, JCKN Boer Goats, K2 Ranch, Knox Show Goats, KT/Cactus Boer Goats, IJ Farms, LuRue Boer Goats, Blue Gainey Ranch, Triple F Farms, Bad Company Boers and Young Boer Goats. Drew Williams was the auctioneer. Jason Brashear was the

Virginia is for Boer Goat

Lovers average hits $1,685

The Virginia is for Boer Goat Lov- ers Sale was held Sept. 11 at the Rock- ingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, Va. The sale was hosted by the Blue Ridge Boer Goat Breeders, which consists of seven farms: Locust

Partnership buys high-selling buck for $13,000. The top-selling doe received a high bid of $5,600.

Haven Boer Goats, Stillhouse Farm, Middle Lane Farm, Bay-Car Farm, Barbwire Boer Goats, Dry Run Farm and Pittington Ranch. The sale included 20 consignors from VA, WV, PA, MD, DE. Online bidding was hosted by Mountain Valley Auction Group and The auctioneer was Pit Kemmer and sale narrator was Makayla Richardson Burns.

Selling to the highest bidder were 101 goat lots plus semen and embryos. There were 135 online bidders and 68 in-house bidders.

6 Goat Rancher | October 2021

Goats averaged $1,685 and went to 13 states. The High-Selling Buck was ADVBG Bulletproof *Ennobled*, sold by Southern Hollow Boer Goats and purchased by Land of Grace Farm & Whistle Valley Boer Goats of Pennsylvania for $13,000.

The High-Selling Doe was REHME OVD Allison, sold by Southern Hollow Boer Goats and purchased by Anna Pantos of Texas for $5,600. n

narrator for the sale. Drew and Jason provided a high level of energy and expertise that made the sale of each lot exciting. The high-selling doe, sold by Dust Devil Ranch, brought $30,000 and was purchased by Jim Culwell. The High-Selling Buck, sold by 2M Boer Goats, for $9,000 to Carson Moon. All the consignors appreciate everyone who attended and participated online in this year’s sale. Each year the sale has grown and has provided new consignors that bring exciting opportunities for breeders of Boer goats.

Thanks to all for a great sale and we hope to see you next year

at the 13th Annual Labor Day Classic Sale! Watch for the ads in Goat Rancher and n

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