as globally, goats are easier for many people to raise than cattle are, as few parts of the world had and have the available land mass that North America had and has available to them.

And as their cultures had long appreciated goat meat as a food source, when some members of their culture moved to North Amer- ica for the opportunity to live, they seek to eat as their ancestors have throughout millenia. You like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or macaroni and

cheese, or steak? Why? Because that’s what you grew up with! Some people love to keep and care for a vegetable garden, while some of us think that corn cooked up from a bag of frozen is delicious and that’s how corn and eating it should be.

And some people find joy and satisfaction in raising the animals that others need to make even more animals, some of which will be- come a meal for humans and some of which will be used to make even more of those animals.

So, what finally happened with the father that was so unhappy at having to talk to me? I am proud to say that Craig delivered goats to that family recently and it was apparently a harmonious visit. They are some of the many customers that I would never consider calling on a Sunday, knowing that using their telephone and any dis- cussion of business are not appropriate for that day of the week, ac- cording to them. That’s how they feel, and since they are the customers, they are by definition correct!

(This column’s information is based on raising meat goats in Montana and on The Meat Goat Handbook, written by Yvonne and published by Voyageur Press, which is for sale from Smoke Ridge at E-mail questions to that you would like to have answered in this column.)

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