and defer it to the native plantings along the wetlands. To address the flow from the house to the pool area, the Hoffman Landscapes team took the window out of a spare bedroom and in- stalled French doors leading to a new patio area where the owners could take their coffee before heading to the pool. They also repurposed a shed in the backyard into a pool cabana for equipment and toy storage, and lighting and audio controls. Off the back of the shed, they added an outdoor shower for rinsing off. “We took a fair amount of trees down,” Biron says. “We made some selective pruning decisions to give some shade on one side of the pool while still allowing for enough solar heating.”

The team installed land- scape lighting (controlled by mobile) and tiki torches for ambient light. The husband is very into rock-n-roll and he wanted to play his music, so the team installed and positioned speakers in a way not to disturb the neighbors.


Start to finish, the project took about 10 months to complete with a total cost of about $450,000. Permits and approvals, public hearings and construction went through winter and into early spring of 2017. The new landscape allowed the homeowners to utilize the space the way they had envisioned. Since completion, the landscape has filled in and matured. “The owners love it,” Biron

says. “They love their coffee space and then having the pool right there. It’s a retreat party house for them.” This project was the Hoff- man Landscapers team’s first interaction with the Millers. They’re on phase two of three now and have been consistently maintaining the property since the initial project was completed. Biron says communication and transparency is key to keeping the client relationship a positive one. It’s vital to re- view all warranties, challenges,

opportunities and concerns openly to keep the trust. “We are moving onto the

next phase this spring which will add new detail to the other side of the property and tie it all together,” Biron says. “The amount of lighting we incorporated was really fun and interesting and made it all pop. The audio feature is incredible. It’s set up for the two of them for most weekends, but it can handle 30 to 40 people eas- ily. It’s a big fun playscape for them and their family.” TLP

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