12 Things that Boards Appreciate About their Association Managers

Allison Peryea

Association management is a tough job that sometimes feels thankless. However, there is a lot to appreciate about what professional managers contribute to a community. And, though            board members recognize the invaluable assistance provided by their association’s managers. Here, we provide a list of 11 things that boards appreciate about the managers who serve their associations. It’s a reminder that—though it isn’t always said—strong managers are vital to a healthy community, and also instructive regarding what managers can do to stand out from the crowd.

1. Good Record-Keeping

Operating a community association involves a lot of documents and correspondence. Over the years, things may get lost, which can create problems in situations when the association needs,

for instance, proof of an architectural application

denial. Managers like Johnathan Beretta of Yates-Wood and          for his ability to keep track of the Ashley House Condominium Association’s records. This talent is especially impressive given that Johnathan has served this association for 15 years—that’s a lot of records.

2. Helping Navigate Change

When a board turns over or a community adopts new policies, association members can feel a sense of turmoil. But a good manager can help create order out of what can seem like chaos.

4. A Positive Attitude

Keeping an upbeat attitude in the face of tough projects and grumpy owners can be a trial, but it helps buoy the spirits of the volunteers who work with managers. Linda Hull, a board member for Sierra at Klahanie Condominium Owners Association, notes that Aimee Hilton of Phillips Real Estate Group “is always bright and positive in all of our dealings, no matter how challenging they get at times—I do not understand how she does it.” Indeed, says Linda: “I don’t know what we would do without her.”

 helping Lake House Condominium Association with both a brand-new board and an upcoming major repair project, notes board member Rod Sharp, all while helping the community get a handle on its financial records. Strong managers like Cameron are able to work cooperatively with different personality styles when new directors join the board.

3. Budgeting Assistance

While preparing budgets might not be every manager’s favorite  Ann Hart of CWD Group “does the legwork, researching and building a preliminary document,” which allows “the board to focus on the prioritize and goals of the organization,” says 

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