IA Happenings IA Staff on the Move

Irrigation Association staff are busy traveling the country to advo- cate for you. Brent Mecham, CID, CLWM, CIC, CLIA, CAIS, industry development director, spent a few weeks in May and June attend- ing conferences and researching irrigation products to ensure that standards are met.

The IA government affairs team has been meeting with lawmakers on the state and federal level on the issues of drought, WaterSense and promoting efficient irrigation. To read more about their efforts, see the Legislative Update on page 11.

Job Analysis

The IA and the American Society of Irrigation Consultants recently joined efforts to participate in a differential job analysis to assess the duties of an irrigation designer or consultant. The two orga- nizations identified and evaluated similarities and differences between IA’s designer certification and a potential new certifica- tion for consultants. The results of the survey will be used by both organizations as the first step in evaluating certification in irriga- tion design, updating job descriptions, and creating new opportu- nities in continuing professional education.

Certification Exams

IA will offer exams for the following certification programs at the 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 5 – 9. Visit to learn more about each program’s requirements, to find resources to prepare for the exam, and to view the exam schedule:

• Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist (CAIS) • Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor (CGIA) • Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) • Certified Irrigation Designer (Agriculture) (CID) • Certified Irrigation Designer (Landscape/Turf ) (CID) • Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT) • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) • Certified Landscape Water Manager (CLWM)


IA has everything you need to enhance your expertise through classes and education resources. Check out education to begin upgrading knowledge and skills, increasing productivity and profitability, preparing for certification, and earn- ing continuing education units.

Connect with Us

Connect with us through social media for the most up-to-date news and information, and to meet and network with other pro- fessionals.

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Upcoming Event Hashtags

A hashtag (#) is used to label keywords in a Twitter or Facebook post. Follow these hashtags, and include them in your posts lead- ing up to, during, and after each IA event:

#SmartIrrigationMonth July is Smart Irrigation Month. Use this hashtag to promote how you support water-use efficiency.


#SmartSelfie Snap a selfie to show your support for water-use efficiency! Download or print the #SmartSelfie sign from and grab a picture of you supporting water efficiency.

#IrrigationShow Get connected before and during the 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 5 – 9. 9

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