Agriculture Irrigation

Dragon-Line LLC Dragon-Line

More than 80 percent of Irrigation Show attendees report that seeing new products, technologies and services is their top priority while attending the annual show.

During the 2016 new product contest, attendees had the opportunity to view 46 new products and technologies in five categories. Judges were experienced professionals from the industry with technical knowledge within the various aspects of the industry. Products were evaluated based on innovation, design quality, increased water/resource use efficiency, ease of use and product life expectancy.

Products submitted for acceptance in the agriculture irrigation and landscape irrigation categories had to be an integral part of an irrigation system in order to deliver, disperse or manage water for irrigation. Products submitted for acceptance in the lighting and specialty categories were ancillary products that are not used in an irrigation system.

The first-place winners were announced Thursday, Dec. 8, during the IA general session.

While presentations and products were judged by a panel of experts, attendees again had the chance to cast their own votes for their favorite product in each category for the People’s Choice Award. A ballot was included with each attendee badge, and the winners were announced on the show floor Thursday, Dec. 8.

Dragon-Line combines the efficiency of drip technology with the flexibility of mechanized irrigation. Dragon-Line utilizes specialty designed drip tubing with pressure compensation emitters anchored to the pivot structure for precise and uniform water application.

Specialty – Agriculture

Toro Microirrigation Toro Drip Irrigation Recycling Program

The Ag Plastics Pickup mobile app allows growers to recycle their used drip tubing and tape products by collaborating with Revolution Plastics and Delta Plastics to divert plastic waste into EPA-compliant trash can liners.

Landscape Irrigation

Hydro-Rain Inc. Hydro-Rain HRC 400 B-hyve Pro Wi-Fi Controller With Smart Meter Link

This SWAT-tested and EPA WaterSense-labeled controller takes smart watering to a new level with an integrated irrigation audit tool and Smart Meter Link, which gives water usage reports to help customers make better water- saving decisions.

Specialty – Landscape

MiniTrencher GeoRipper

The GeoRipper is a handheld portable trencher that can cut trenches up to 1.5 inches wide and 27 inches deep. It is ideal for short and hard- to-reach places that are difficult for normal trenchers saving time and labor.

Landscape Lighting

Illumicare Group Ltd. LED MR 16 Single Lens with Replaceable Optics

Using 85 percent less energy than traditional lamps and lasting 15 times longer, this MR 16 LED single lens lamp has the option of four beam spreads and two color temperatures.

People’s Choice Award

Agriculture Products SupPlant an AWL Group Brand

SupPlant GBI

Automated growth-based irrigation technology closes the irrigation loop between internet- based sensors (monitoring soil, climate and plant data) and irrigation controllers, for real- time responsiveness to crop needs.

Landscape Products

Netafim USA Techline HCVXR

Techline HCVXR is a revolutionary new dripline that provides superior root intrusion resistance, and a check valve holds back 8.5 feet of water while the anti-siphon feature protects against debris entering the emitter at system shut down.

Landscape Lighting

Sollos Landscape Lighting DecoStrand

DecoStrand is a decorative accent strand lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. The string lighting is 52 feet long with 25 medium base sockets with more than 60 lamp options available.

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