Lacy Ravencraft Director of Marketing and Communication for Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply

Opportunity (noun)

“To educate and create awareness in other industries about the value that the green industry brings to the world.”

Lacy Ravencraft saw a need and stepped in to help satisfy it. She recognized an opportunity to promote the function of public relations and provide counsel on its value — and wanted to fill that role. That was over 13 years ago.

Opportunities within the green industry keep presenting themselves, and Ravencraft continues to pursue them.

“There is a challenge in learning about the issues, products and best practices within our industry because they are vast and evolving, and that makes it an exciting place to be.”

Ravencraft is a green industry communicator for a supplier and sees communication as a valuable asset to the irrigation and landscape industries. “We offer people much needed information that allows them to make informed decisions about their businesses.”

Issues are continually cropping up, and she believes green industry communicators have a responsibility to keep their customers abreast of that information. “As issues that directly affect our customers become more prevalent, as we’ve seen with water scarcity or insurance, there’s a great need to keep people informed with a balance of information on those issues.”

“With somany outside factors influencing our industry, we have an obligation to share our story ...”

Ravencraft became a TOCA member 12 years ago and has served as a board member for 10 of those years. She will act as president- elect in 2017.

“It is important for communication professionals to collaborate in the space TOCA provides and contribute toward our collective knowledge of what matters to our customers. Sharing strategies and working toward resolving some of the communications challenges that are unique to our industry creates an information- rich environment to help professional contractors make better business decisions,” she said.

For Ravencraft, TOCA has provided networking opportunities she doesn’t believe she would have found otherwise. “TOCA has served as a shortcut to establishing relationships with other communication professionals that share common goals,” she said.

The environment encourages green industry professionals to work together to communicate the green language and ultimately tell its story. “With so many outside factors influencing our industry, we have an obligation to share our story, perspective and collective contributions with people across the globe.”

Kristine White Account Service Manager for Performance Marketing

Stewardship (noun)

“So many people in the green industry have a common goal of taking care of the landscape.”

Kristine White grew up on a farm. Because of that, an interest in equipment and the environment has been part of her focus since she was a child. A job with Performance Marketing, an agency with multiple clients in the green industry, came to her by surprise — but it was meant to be. “Even though it was accidental, it was a good fit for me,” White said. She has been with Performance Marketing just short of 10 years.

Working as a green industry communicator in an agency setting, White has her work cut out for her. Her biggest goal revolves around “trying to get our clients’ messages out to the right audience in an appropriate and positive way.”

“Green industry professionals are constantly looking for ways to pick up best practices,” she said.

White works to help communicate about best green industry practices and promotes stewardship in multiple ways.

“One of the key ways we [agencies] facilitate this is through public relations and some of the newsletters we write. Creating quality content for public relations purposes can have a great return on investment for a client and continually establishes them as thought leaders in the industry.”

White is a current TOCA member and joined their board in May 2016. She believes it is important for green industry communicators to be involved with TOCA and has personally seen it benefit her career.

“For me, there are education pieces that have come up that bring things forward that I’m not necessarily thinking about. I’ve really benefited from some of the education classes.”

White believes that everyone gets better when they learn from each other. “TOCA is a really high quality group. It’s been great for networking. It’s been great for building relationships.”

To learn more about TOCA and how you can become a part of this unique association, visit

Kayli Hanley is a copywriter and content specialist for Ewing, focusing on delivering interesting, informative and valuable information to Ewing customers and other green industry professionals. 29

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