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•Justice requires contributions to the well-being of the commu- nity.

•Justice requires the fulfill- ment of our obligations to future generations.

Conflicts between these six principles quickly arise. How does special con- cern for the poor and oppressed square

with equal respect and concern for all? Someone has to give up something. Is it okay for folks in Phoenix and Las Vegas to have green lawns when the water is needed for domestic use and food production—green lawns are a kind of agriculture—from the Colorado Front Range to Los Angeles.5 And what about the sustainability of water resources? Is the well-being of a community depen-

5. My wife, who is the yard-care person in the family, is a great believer in xeriscaping.

Geologic Ethics & Professional Practices is now available on CD

This CD is a collection of articles, columns, letters to the editor, and other material addressing professional ethics and general issues of professional geologic practice that were printed in The Professional Geologist. It includes an electronic version of the now out-of-print Geologic Ethics and Professional Practices 1987-1997, AIPG Reprint Series #1. The intent of this CD is collection of this material in a single place so that the issues and questions raised by the material may be more conveniently studied. The intended ‘students’ of this CD include everyone interested in the topic, from the new student of geology to professors emeritus, working geologists, retired geologists, and those interested in the geologic profession.

AIPG members will be able to update their copy of this CD by regularly downloading

the pe&p index.xls file from the under “Ethics” and by downloading the electronic version of The Professional Geologist from the members only area of the AIPG website. The cost of the CD is $25 for members, $35 for non-members, $15 for student members and $18 for non-member students, plus shipping and handling. To order go to

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dent on nice green lawns for kids to play on? How do we spread the limited supply of water across the demands of growing population? The answers to such questions are not easy. Like many moral questions, moral analysis does not yield unique answers. Differing answers depend on how various desirable results are ranked and undesirable results are negatively ranked.

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