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very thankful that Dr. Hannibal gave us such a detailed and educational tour.

After our private tour, we got to explore all of the exhibits. The museum had a new Pterosaur exhibit which had a lot of fun interactive activities. Also, the mineral/rock exhibit was very informative and the specimens were breathtaking. And just like that, 5 hours had flown by. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has so much to offer and we cannot wait to go back again.

We want to thank the Ohio Section of AIPG for making this trip possible by providing funding. We are extremely grateful for your support. College can be extremely stressful, but it is days like these that make it all worth it. OSU AIPG members had the chance to have fun, make friendships, and learn about topics that interest them.

By Becky Anderson President, Ohio State University Student Chapter Youngstown State University Student Chapter: Field Trips!

Youngstown State University Chapter par- ticipates in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Earth Science and Archaeology Day

Youngstown State University last semester participated in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Earth Science and Archaeology day. At the table, different rock types were displayed, and children were able to color the rock cycle. This semester, they will be having an Earth Rocks Fossil Hunt activity at the Federal Frenzy event in Youngstown on April 21, 2018. They are also in the process of planning a field trip to Kelley’s Island in the spring.

Contributed by: Brigitte Petras, YSU Student Chapter Vice President

The Youngstown State University Student Chapter of AIPG Visits Kelleys Island

On March 10, 2018, I had the pleasure of joining the recently chartered Youngstown State University student chapter of AIPG on a field trip to Kelleys Island. The Venture Resort where I stayed was very kind and allowed us to use their meet- ing room to start the field trip. YSU AIPG Student Chapter Vice President Brigitte Petras was presented with the char- ter letter from AIPG National, startup funding checks from National and the Ohio Section, and a box of AIPG promotional items from National.

Next, I made a short presentation on the geology, hydrogeology, and the history of limestone mining of Kelleys Island. After that, we headed to the Kelleys Island Glacial Grooves State Memorial where we met Chris Ashley, Kelleys

Dr. Jeffrey Dick, Tom Jenkins, and YSU AIPG Student Section members standing in the glacial grooves.

Island Park Manager. Chris and YSU professor Dr. Jeff Dick led us on a tour of the glacial graves (created by meltwater scouring, not glacial abrasion). It was a special opportunity to be able to walk along the grooves and inspect them up close. After that, we drove over to explore the adjacent quarry buildings that held the crusher and rail loading structure. These buildings were constructed around the turn of the cen- tury. Chris Ashley commented that visiting concrete experts speculated this may have been one of the first poured concrete structures built in the US.

Contributed by: Tom Jenkins, AIPG Member at Large Sonoma State University Student Chapter: Hosting Section Meeting

April 4, 2018 Sonoma State University AIPG Student Section meeting

Thank you to Sonoma State University Student Section for hosting the meeting.

A great speaker and SSU graduate Tom Magney provided his assessment of the various industries which employ geolo- gists and his take on the opportunities. He put a lot of time into his analysis and offered suggested career pathways for geolo- gists. Tom did a wonderful job engaging not only the students present in our meeting room but also with students watching from India. Many introspective questions were asked by stu- dents and answered by Tom and other AIPG senior members.

Sonoma State student chapter members. Jul.Aug.Sep 2018 • TPG 27

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