Alumnus Spotlight: An Interview with Rev. Bryan Bult

Tell us a little about yourself. I was born in Conway, SC, and raised in Mullins, SC.

While attending Erskine College in pursuit of a degree in biology and education, I first began to sense the Lord’s call to ministry. Due West is also where I met my future wife, Michelle Drew. After graduating in 1995, I spent a couple of years as a teacher, basketball coach, and athletics director at Pee Dee Academy in Mullins. Answering God’s call to min- istry, I began theological training and eventually transferred to Erskine Seminary. Once I received my Master of Divinity degree in 2003, I served at churches in Greenwood and Rock Hill, SC, and Fayetteville, TN, before coming to First Presby- terian Church in Columbia, SC. I am also a family man with a passion to shepherd my own wife and children to the glory of God.

How did God lead you into the ministry? In His kind providence, the Lord prepared me for pastoral ministry through my years of coaching, teaching, and men-

toring young people. He had inflamed my heart with a love of truth. My pastor recognized this and subsequently encour- aged me to consider seminary. During my seminary studies I was not simply taught but also mentored, encouraged, and befriended by seasoned men of God both at Erskine Seminary and Due West ARP Church. They recognized my particular gifts and encouraged me in those directions.

Describe your specific ministry at First Presbyterian Church. I have the tremendous privilege of focusing my ministry efforts toward seniors and the elderly. I have been reminded

that while advanced age does bring its share of difficulties, it also brings great wisdom and perspective to bear on the life of a congregation. I am consistently blessed by listening to our seasoned members and their rich testimonies of walking with Jesus over the long haul. Their gifts, talents, and energies are a treasure to the Body of Christ, and I enjoy encour- aging them to use those gifts. My duties include visiting our elderly members in their homes, leading Bible studies at elderly communities, and working with our Elderly Care Committee to implement our shared vision for future ministry endeavors. I enjoy teaching and preaching and am finding abundant opportunities to do so in the life of our congregation.

How did Erskine Seminary prepare you for ministry? Erskine Seminary prepared me well to minister in each of the churches where I’ve been blessed to serve. In particular,

Erskine’s diverse student body broadened my horizons regarding the various kinds of people I can learn from and min- ister with. The faculty strongly reinforced my newfound love of the Reformed tradition and modeled how to present it winsomely but with conviction. My professors, many of whom I still regard as friends and mentors, showed a genuine interest in me. They invested in me in a way that instilled patience, reminding me that ministry fruit seldom appears over- night. I learned not only how to preach and teach, but also to be a better listener. It’s a skill I use every day in ministering to the elderly?

Rev. Bryan Bult is Associate Minister to the Elderly at First Presbyterian Church (ARP)

in Columbia, S.C. He has served ARP churches in Greenwood, and Rock Hill, S.C., and Fayetteville, TN. He is a graduate of Erskine College (B.A. ‘95) and Erskine Seminary (MDiv. ’03). He and his wife, Michelle Drew, have four children: Mary Drew, Freeman, Harrison, and Anna Campbell.

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