IA Happenings 2016 Gold Medal Award

The Professional Grounds Management Society selected the Irrigation Association to receive its 2016 Gold Medal Award. This award is presented each year to an individual or entity in recognition of outstanding and long-term achievements and/ or contributions to the green industry. PGMS feels that the work of the IA in terms of research and promotion of better water management techniques and the certifying of professionals in that field is a significant contribution to the green industry and as such is deserving of the recognition and honor that comes with its Gold Medal Award.

IA Staff on the Move

Brent Q. Mecham, CID, CLWM, CIC, CLIA, CAIS, industry develop- ment director, spent time at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, teaching classes and testing sprinklers. Mecham also attended the ASHRAE meetings in St. Louis, Missouri, and the ASABE meet- ing in Orlando, Florida, on standards and presentation.

The IA government affairs team has been meeting with law- makers on the state and federal levels on the issues of drought, WaterSense, tax incentives, regulations, licensing and promoting efficient irrigation. To read more about their efforts, see the Legis- lative Update on page 11.

Professional Development

The Irrigation Association hosted a Landscape Irrigation Techni- cian class at the IA headquarters in September. The class focused on the basics of hydraulics and irrigation system installation and maintenance, and it provided an overview of irrigation system components and how they operate. The class served as the rec- ommended review for the certified irrigation technician exam.

Certification Exams

Registration ends Nov. 17 for the following certification program exams at the 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 5 – 9. Visit 2016Exams to learn more about each program’s requirements, to find resources to prepare for the exam, and to view the exam schedule:

• Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist (CAIS) • Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor (CGIA) • Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) • Certified Irrigation Designer (Agriculture) (CID) • Certified Irrigation Designer (Landscape/Turf ) (CID) • Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT) • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) • Certified Landscape Water Manager (CLWM)


IA has everything you need to enhance your expertise through classes and education resources. Check out education to begin upgrading knowledge and skills, increasing productivity and profitability, preparing for certification, and earning continuing education units.

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Upcoming Event Hashtags

A hashtag (#) is used to label keywords in a Twitter or Facebook post. Follow these hashtags and include them in your posts lead- ing up to, during and after each IA event:

#IrrigationShow Get connected before and during the 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 5 – 9.

#E3Program The Irrigation Foundation has created a program that focuses on providing students and faculty members with irrigation industry exposure, experience and education during the Irrigation Show. Send them industry advice through the hashtag.

Bringing Water to Life Podcast

The Bringing Water to Life podcast is where IA staff members John Farner, Brent Mecham and Elizabeth McCartney share expertise and personal perspectives on issues surrounding water, ranging from discussing where water comes from to diving deep into state and federal programs around water. The goal of this podcast is to drive more discussion about water in general.

The inaugural BWTL episode features a conversation on the water cycle and water use in America. Listeners can access this podcast through SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. In addition to podcasting applications, listeners can check out where they can read episode outlines and find links to resources mentioned during each epi- sode. Contact information for the BWTL hosts is available online. Listeners are encouraged to submit ideas for future episodes and featured guests. 9

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