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Wonderland of Ice in Bridgeport, Conn., converted to LED lighting in 2015.

The following are suggestions to

consider when converting to LED: • Consider a quality manufacturer who

offers a minimum seven-year warranty, has a track record, and is based in the United States. As mentioned, LED is a new, high-bay technology.

• Choose only fixtures that have Design Lighting Consortium/Energy Star approval ratings. One or both designations may be essential in order to receive rebates from your local utility.

• Select an experienced vendor who has worked with ice arenas, since they are not standard high-bay venues.

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• Require a point-by-point foot-candle diagram based on the fixtures’ IES file to determine what the foot-candle levels will be at full lumen output when installed. From full lumen output, one can always dim the lights but never increase the output.

• When converting, do a one-for-one fixture replacement if possible. It will help you save on labor and material expenses.

• Select a fixture that has an effective thermal design and optics. Both features play critical roles in the rate of lumen depreciation and uniformity of light levels across the ice surface.

• Pick a 5000k color temperature for best color rendition. It gives players a better view of puck movement.

• Select a durable fixture that won’t break if it happens to get hit by a puck.

Bill Zak is a founder and managing director of IntellEnergy in Darien, Conn. The company has been designing, selling and installing energy

efficient lighting systems for ice rinks and parking garages for over 14 years. He can be reached at

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