Specialty Contractor SPOTLIGHT Tom Brickley Making a Difference in AGC and the Industry

By Carol Eaton

construction association continues to be the voice of the industry on an array of issues impacting general contractors and specialty contractors alike. Perhaps no one better represents


the leadership, active engagement and integrity of AGC specialty contractors than Tom Brickley, president, general manager and co-owner of San Bernardino-based Brickley Environ- mental and CFO and co-owner of Environmental Contractors Trans- portation, Inc. Last fall, AGC of California awarded Brickley the 2016 Specialty Contractor Achievement Award. Te award honored his work in AGC and recognized a construction career spanning over three decades. A licensed general contractor and

U.S. Air Force veteran, Brickley has built a career based on hard work,

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important court decision, and also discussed practical tools for business development.

New Small Business Group Connections with prime/general

contractors remain a priority with the Council this year just as they were in 2016, when two General/Subcontractor networking events were held in the Bay Area in April and Monterey in October. Also this year, a small business group operating side-by-side with Specialty Contractors will be getting off the ground. Tis recognizes the impor- tance of the small business sector in construction, since studies show that 80 percent of contractors are considered small, with less than 20 employees. Specialty Contractors in California

and beyond are anticipating moderate growth in the year ahead (See AGC

18 March/April 2017

pecialty contractors play a vital role in AGC of California, helping ensure the state’s largest

Tom Brickley, President, General Manager and co- owner, Brickley Environ- mental

California Constructor talked with

Tom recently about his company, his work with AGC and the challenges and opportunities he sees ahead.


industry involvement and giving back. He is AGC’s current Open Shop Chair, a past Specialty Contractor Chair and has long been active in AGC’s Building Division and PAC Committee. He has helped lead several high-profile local community projects as part of the Riverside/San Bernardino Board of Directors over the years. In addition, he has been involved in his community serving on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and Inland Action Inc. among other things.

Economist Ken Simonson’s article on page 22 of this issue), with multiple variables introducing some uncer- tainty in many construction markets. Challenges facing the industry in the short term include rising materials costs, rising labor costs and competition for skilled workers, rising interest rates, and in the longer term, changes in economic policy in areas such as healthcare, market shifts in retail, hospitality and other market sectors, potential loss of federal funding in our state, and potential population shifts away from our state, among other things.

Opportunities for Change At the same time, there are many

opportunities that abound for positive change. Tese range from project delivery with more collaborative approaches that involve specialty contracting team members and the continued growth in offsite prefabrication and precon- struction to more automation in onsite

California Constructor: Tell us how Brickley Environmental got its start and what are your main markets?

Tom Brickley: My father, Jim Brickley, founded Brickley Construction in 1980 as a general contracting construction company. He started by taking on small projects for school districts. In 1982, the Department of

Industrial Relations enacted the Asbestos General Industry Standard 8CCR 5208, and in 1984, the federal government enacted the Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Act of 1984. Tis required K-12 schools to survey and identify asbestos in their schools. Te firm won contracts from the school districts we were working with to remediate asbestos. As the industry evolved and regula-

construction; increased use of virtual reality and augmented reality; hardware and software systems and apps that track, analyze, report and highlight areas of improvement; and even generational workforce approaches. As Babe Ruth once said, ““Yester-

day’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” As our contracting world changes, AGC and the Specialty Contractors Council are embracing the opportunities and doing our best to support our specialty contractors with relevant educational opportunities and peer experience discussions. We invite you to join us in Sacra-

mento in May, and check out our LinkedIn page at groups/6956386/profile.

For questions on AGC’s Specialty

Contractors Council, or how to get involved, please contact Claire Koenig at (510) 773-8116 or

California Constructor

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