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There’s no doubt that genetic variants play a role in your patients’ optimal wellness. But did you realize that variants can also result in high histamine?

It is the “Hippopotamus” in the room with your patients, which in turn creates zonulin, a gut destroying molecule; Best known for its role in allergic response, histamine protects the body from potential disease-causing agents like bacteria, viruses and allergens. However, genetic variants can impact the body’s ability to break downexcess histamine, creating symptoms throughout the body. In addition, there are foods naturally rich in histamine, as well as foods that signal the release of histamine, which again can lead to elevated histamine. the production of zonulin can be a contributing factor to autoimmune disease.

Peroxynitrite, the “Gorilla” in the room with you and your patients, is considered one of the major pathological causes of numerous diseases in that it suppresses mitochondrial functionand triggers cell death via oxidation and nitration reaction. Poor diets, environmental toxins, and genetic variants can all lead to an increase in peroxynitrites and glutamate, lowered antioxdants, and slower rebuilding and repair of cells, which causes faster aging and conditions for disease. There is a list of genetic variants that increase the levels of peroxynitrite in the body and variants that reduce BH4 in the body and therefore create peroxynitrite.

Ammonia, the "Elephant" in the room, like many other waste products in the body, can be poisonous to your cells, and an elevated blood ammonia level can affect your entire body. A by-product of poor protein digestion and impaired Urea cycle function, it can have many damaging effects on the body, including reduction of BH4, the molecule needed for neurotransmitter production and nitric oxide production. This may also impact mental health and increase damaging oxidative stress. Other symptoms of elevated blood ammonia include muscle weakness, fatigue, neurodegenerative diseas- es, liver and kidney damage and/ or possible failure. Ammonia Scavenger has a specific blend of nutrients to support the Urea Cycle and to safely reduce ammonia in the body.

It is not uncommon for the BHMT and CBS variants to cause an increase in glutamate, the “Rhino”, which may cause anxiety, panic attacks, agitation, or inflammation. The calming nutrients and herbs,

and L-theanine in this product may help support the stressful state exhibited by high glutamate. The niacin may help use up some of the excess methyl groups, potentially allowing the health professional touse other necessary MethylGenetic NutritionTM


A simple saliva test can show what genetic variants your patients have and then you can supply good nutrition to compensate for those variants and decrease oxidative stress, increase antioxidants, and support the healthy rebuilding of cells.

The Professional Health Products® MethylGenetic NutritionTM line provides the tools you need to

create customized protocols to support patients’ unique genetic make-up. Contact us for a copy of our 

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Glutamate Scavenger/ Calming Formula

support for suspected high Glutamate levels, as well as symptoms of anxiety, agitation, and inflammation.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Histamine Scavenger

provides a unique proprietary blend of amino acids; fl avonols; and extracts of protein, citrus, water and plants that have the potent ability in fi ghting high histamine, which can seriously impact digestion and gut health. It also includes soothing herbs to promote gut healing.

Peroxynitrite Scavenger

provides a unique proprietary blend of select herbs and spices that have potent abilities to break down peroxynitrite.

Ammonia Scavenger support for Urea cycle and

reduction of excess ammonia levels in the blood using a

specific blend of nutrients to support the Urea Cycle and

to safely reduce ammonia in the body.

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